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Fatal Head-On Collisions in Deer Park

A head-on collision can be the most dangerous type of accident possible on the road. Two vehicles bring their combined speeds into an impact with the possibility of devastating consequences for the drivers and passengers involved. The Washington State Patrol sees the...

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Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Spokane

Drivers who choose to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can hurt more than just themselves. They endanger every other driver on the road and can put defenseless pedestrians in harm’s way. Accidents involving an impaired driver are...

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DUI Collisions in Spokane Valley

Careless drivers can put other motorists at risk any time they take to the road, but a driver who is under the influence of alcohol can increase the chances of causing an accident many times over. In a single year, the State of Washington recorded a person lost their...

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Multi-Car Pile-Up Accidents on I-90

Travel on Washington interstates can lead to dangerous crashes when high speeds and heavy traffic are factored in. The risk is even greater during morning, noon, and evening rush hours when one accident can prove to be a sudden obstacle for other drivers approaching...

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Head-On Collisions in Hayden

It’s a frightening sight to see an oncoming vehicle veering into your lane and heading straight for you. The head-on collision is one of the most devastating hazards for drivers. The speeds of both vehicles can double the force of an impact and have disastrous...

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Deadly Hit and Run in South HIll

Mistakes by drivers can cause a chain reaction of damage that endangers themselves and anyone else who happens to be on the road. Impacts can cause severe damage and injury, especially when a car ends up rolling over from the force of the collision. Safecar.gov finds...

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Halloween and Homeowner Liability

Halloween is a time for everyone to enjoy the spooky and perhaps silly side of life for a night. The candy can be a big bonus too. Before you and your little ghouls head out to celebrate it’s a good time to remind everyone about the safest ways to enjoy the holiday....

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Wrong-Way Accidents in Spokane

Careful Motorists can monitor traffic from all sides and be ready for any threat from a bad driver. What motorists usually aren’t prepared for is seeing a vehicle heading straight for them on a one-way road. It’s a frightening sight that is often the result of a...

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Pedestrian Accidents Leading to Street Fights

A pedestrian must always be cautious with traffic nearby.  A distracted driver can miss seeing someone crossing the street in the best of conditions.  Factoring in the darkness after sundown only makes a trip for a pedestrian that much more treacherous. The National...

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