Notable Cases


In 2007, our client was hit by another vehicle while walking from the mall to her car. Our client suffered a fracture of her elbow. We resolved her case for the policy limits of $100,000.00.

- Pedestrian Accident

Our client was 76 years old when she was rear-ended by another vehicle, causing a paralyzing injury. The insurance company would not make a reasonable offer due to the client’s age. At a mediation hearing, our client was awarded $750,000.00.

- Rear End Motor Vehicle Collision

In 2007, our client was traveling with her 2 year old daughter. They were on their way to visit her parents for the weekend when the defendant crossed over the centerline. The defendant was severely diabetic and had a diabetic reaction. Unfortunately, our client, along with her daughter passed away in the collision. We were able to recover available policy limits plus additional funds from the defendant.

- Wrongful Death
Our client was a 79-year old gentleman who fell from his bed and suffered a fractured hip. He had recently been released from the hospital, and due to his condition, was deemed a high risk for falling. The nursing home failed to acknowledge the risk rating and did not observe proper safeguards. We resolved the case for $90,000.00.
- Nursing Home Accident

Our client was a 47-year old woman who was walking on the sidewalk and was struck by an inattentive driver. She suffered a fractured hip and multiple abrasions. A lawsuit was filed and the case settled for $225,000.00.

- Pedestrian Versus Motor Vehicle
Our client was a 42-year-old man struck by a teenage driver and suffered an injury to his knee. He eventually had 3 surgeries to his knee with the likelihood of having another total knee replacement. An arbitration panel awarded him $732,000.00.
- Underinsured Motorist Claim

Our client was a 21-year old college student on her way to watch a basketball game when she was struck by the defendant. She suffered a closed head injury and loss of smell. Our plaintiff made a good recovery and was able to return to school. We filed suit and were able to settle her case for $450,000.00 prior to trial.

- Pedestrian Versus Motor Vehicle

Our client was a roofer who fell through an unprotected opening in the roof, falling 18 feet. He suffered paralysis of both legs. A lawsuit was brought against the general contractor for failing to comply with WISHA and OSHA regulations. Lifetime pension and settlement so large it is subject to a confidentiality order.

- Construction Site Accident

Our 19 year old client was injured when a passing vehicle struck the vehicle he was in. He suffered facial injuries, including a broken nose and jaw. At a mediation hearing, the client was awarded $463,000.00.

- Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client was struck head on by a drunk driver. The drunk driver’s insurance company paid $25,000.00 and the Underinsured Motorist Policy paid an additional $185,000.00 for a total settlement of $205,000.00.

- Head-on Collision

A 17 year old girl taking patch contraceptives, suffered blood clots due to an increase of estrogen. She was an active teenager involved in volleyball and tennis. Due to the nature of the blood clots she was no longer able to participate in sports. Outside counsel was associated and major drug manufacturer was sued. The case settled for $435,000.00.

- Product Liability

A 41-year old teacher, with her 4 children in the car, was traveling home when she was broad-sided by a vehicle that failed to stop for a red-stop light. The children suffered minor injuries. Our client suffered severe soft tissue injury with no surgery. We resolved her case for $190,000.00.

- Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client was traveling on a freeway in Portland, Oregon when traffic slowed. She was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle. She suffered injury to her knee and a closed head injury. She subsequently had surgery on her knee. Oregon counsel was associated and her case was resolved through mediation for $425,000.00.

- Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client, while out on a moped, was struck by a vehicle that turned in front of him. In the accident, our client lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. He suffered from a hematoma and a nasal fracture. Due to the accident, our client suffered a mild closed head injury. We settled the case for $175,000.00.

- Moped Accident

Our client was riding his moped along a road when the defendant crossed the centerline. Unfortunately, our client passed away due to the severe head injuries he sustained in the collision. We settled the claim for $183,000.00, which was all insurance benefits available plus additional funds paid by the defendant. An additional $200,000.00 was paid by the local homeowners association for failure to properly maintain the roadway.

- Wrongful Death

A 78-year old man suffered fractured ribs when a vehicle failed to yield the right of way and struck his vehicle. He was transported to the hospital and suffered an infection while at the hospital. The case settled out of court for $165,000.00 which was all the available insurance coverage.

- Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client, an 18-year old man who was riding with his stepfather in their work vehicle, was hit head-on when a semi-truck driver crossed the centerline. At the time of this unfortunate accident Washington did not allow for the recovery of an adult child. As a result of our lobbying efforts and those of his mother, the Senate almost passed legislation allowing parents to bring suit to recover for injuries and death of an adult child. The settlement exhausted the total available insurance coverage.

- Wrongful Death

Our client was driving home when her Harley Davidson motorcycle was hit by an inattentive driver. In the collision, she suffered a broken ankle and numerous bruises and contusions. The case was settled for the policy limits of $150,000.00.

- Motorcycle Collision

Our client was a 47-year old mechanic on his way to work when a vehicle crossed the centerline hitting him head-on. Our client suffered a fractured neck and had a neck fusion at C5 through C7. He made a good recovery and was able to return to work full time. A lawsuit was filed and we were able to resolve the case in mediation.

- Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client was a 30-year old female who was complaining of symptoms consistent with appendicitis. The doctor failed to order appropriate testing to determine appendicitis. Within hours of misdiagnosis, her appendix burst causing medical complications. We settled her case for $150,000.00 in mediation.

- Medical Malpractice

Our client, a retired firefighter, stopped to assist a police officer who had crashed his car on the side of the freeway. While laying flares to warn oncoming traffic of the crash scene, our client was hit by a vehicle as it swerved off the road to avoid the accident scene. Our client suffered multiple injuries to his body, including the loss of his leg. We settled the case for $2,025,000.00 through mediation.

- Pedestrian Injury

Our client was involved in a minor motor vehicle collision with approximately $900.00 worth of damage to her vehicle. The insurance company claimed she was not hurt and offered $11,000.00 for the injuries she suffered in the collision. A jury awarded $142,000.00.

- Rear End Motor Vehicle Collision

Our 23-year old client was crossing the street in a crosswalk when she was struck by the defendant. She suffered a non-displaced fracture of the hip. She had an excellent recovery. The case settled for policy limits of $100,000.00.

- Pedestrian Versus Motor Vehicle

In 2001, our client, a 34-year old delivery driver, was rear-ended. Due to the accident he suffered a neck injury and had subsequent neck fusion from C4 through C7. We settled his case prior to trial for $260,000.00.

- Motor Vehicle Collision

While attending a party at a friend’s home, our client was injured when she fell off the back steps of the residence. There had been drinking at the party. Our client’s blood alcohol was .11. In the fall, our client suffered a fractured vertebrae. The insurance company denied liability. The case went to trial. A jury awarded $251,000.00.

- Fall At Party

Our client, a 43-year old woman walking home from work, was hit by local transportation as she attempted to cross in the crosswalk. She suffered severe injury to her leg and was unable to return to her job. We settled her case for $1,010,000.00 through mediation.

- Pedestrian Accident
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