Mountain Pass Accidents In Idaho

Idaho and Spokane area drivers may feel like they are on a roller coaster when they drive the mountain routes and passes that cut through Idaho and Montana. Beyond all the steep ups and downs, I-90 and US-12 can become impassable when mother nature dumps ice and snow on the road. Some drivers know how […]

Accidents Involving Head-On Collisions on U.S. 12 In Idaho County

Rural highways in Idaho can be extremely dangerous, especially when opposing vehicles are separated by nothing more than a double yellow line. An unfocused driver can veer out of a lane for only a brief moment. Yet, the failure to make a course correction can cause a frightening encounter with a nearby vehicle. A car, […]

Head-On Accidents Involving DUI Drivers In Bonner County ID

Most two-lane highways provide motorists with little protection from traffic coming from the opposite direction. A few feet may be all that separates two vehicles passing each other.  The slightest mistake by a driver can put a vehicle on course for a head-on collision. The dangers are only magnified when a motorist makes the indefensible […]

Spokane Accidents In Snowy Conditions

  A blanket of fresh snow pairs well with Spokane’s natural beauty, but if you’re on Interstate 90 after a winter storm you might have a different opinion on all that frozen stuff. There are a couple of things you count on when the weather gets bad. Cautious drivers will get more cautious and many […]

Accidents Caused by Reckless Drivers on I-90

Drivers can always become distracted or just lose focus and create a hazardous situation. But a reckless driver chooses to put others in harm’s way. By speeding, tailgating, aggressively switching lanes, or running red lights drivers can force other motorists into unavoidable accidents. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission charts speeding accidents each year. They found […]

Deadly Hit and Run in South HIll

Mistakes by drivers can cause a chain reaction of damage that endangers themselves and anyone else who happens to be on the road. Impacts can cause severe damage and injury, especially when a car ends up rolling over from the force of the collision. finds that while only a small percentage of accidents result […]

Halloween and Homeowner Liability

Halloween is a time for everyone to enjoy the spooky and perhaps silly side of life for a night. The candy can be a big bonus too. Before you and your little ghouls head out to celebrate it’s a good time to remind everyone about the safest ways to enjoy the holiday. It’s also a […]

Officer Accused of Vehicular Assault Appears Before Judge

A Spokane officer accused of speeding and causing a collision that left two people with serious injuries faced a judge on Wednesday. Officer Michael Brunner pled not guilty to two counts of vehicular assault. KREM2-TV reported on the arraignment hearing on August 18, 2020. The accident involving three cars occurred on March 25th.  Spokane Police […]

Pedestrian Accidents Leading to Street Fights

A pedestrian must always be cautious with traffic nearby.  A distracted driver can miss seeing someone crossing the street in the best of conditions.  Factoring in the darkness after sundown only makes a trip for a pedestrian that much more treacherous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that the highest percentage of fatal […]

Dangers of Head-On Collisions in Moses Lake

A head-on collision occurs when the front end of one vehicle impacts with the front end of another vehicle that is traveling in the opposite direction. As per the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, only about 2% of all auto accidents are head-on collisions, but head-on impacts are probably the most dangerous type of crashes […]