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Halloween is a time for everyone to enjoy the spooky and perhaps silly side of life for a night. The candy can be a big bonus too.

Before you and your little ghouls head out to celebrate it’s a good time to remind everyone about the safest ways to enjoy the holiday. It’s also a good time to know your options if you or your family are seeking scares on someone else’s property and end up getting hurt or injured.

Spokane 2020 Halloween Fun Still Ond

The Washington Department of Health is discouraging traditional trick-or-treating in 2020 in favor of smaller events and parties that can more easily encourage social-distancing.

The Corbin Park Neighborhood is usually a hot spot for trick-or-treaters in Spokane, but this year most residents won’t be participating in passing out candy.

Some neighborhoods will still make the effort with new safety measures. The popular and wildly decorated Bemis House on the South Hill will still be putting on an amazing show and delivering candy to kids in a safe new way. The house also raises money for a local food bank.

The famous and scary King Family Haunted House in Mead will also be on full display but won’t be able to let anyone inside.

Other options include a trip to local Pumpkin Farms that will be offering socially distanced attractions and there will still be several Haunted House tours to scare the bravest souls.

Premises Liability when out Trick-Or-Treating

Whether you are lining up your children for a candy run or you’re going to a Halloween shindig to meet other ghosts, it’s important to make sure safety is a priority. Specifically, as you enter other people’s homes and businesses.

You may celebrate on a farm or in a fiendishly themed haunted house, but on Halloween night many property owners are inviting the public into their attractions. They promise scary fun, but according to state premises liability law, they also owe you a “duty of care” to ensure your safety. They are responsible for providing you safe passage when you step onto their property.

A set of stairs without a handrail or a slick spot on a porch can send you or your family member into a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident. A haunted house may have the look of a rickety, old mansion, but it may be an actual rundown house with real dangers. An unsecured floorboard or a loose object overhead could cause a serious injury.

Compensation for Halloween Accident Victims

An accident at a Halloween Party or Attraction may cause you to suffer a painful injury. A night meant for fun could leave you with limited mobility, or even something as serious as a brain injury. You may wonder how to get help with the costs of hospital bills and rehabilitation and missed time from work.

The owner or operator of a home or business can be found liable for your injuries and be forced to cover the costs of recovery if they were negligent in two ways:

  • The proprietor created the hazard but didn’t fix it before inviting people onto his or her property.
  • The issue was created by someone else, but the proprietor should have known about the problem and should have repaired or cleaned-up the hazard in a reasonable amount of time.

Practice Safety and Fun this Halloween

Wherever and however you intend to celebrate your 2020 Halloween, make sure you are playing it safe everywhere you go. And if you are the victim of an unfortunate accident because someone else was careless, make sure you don’t end up paying for the consequences alone.

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