Impaired UTV Accidents with Passenger Injuries in Idaho

More and more people are using UTVs to ride on public streets, and in Idaho, the law allows limited use of UTV’s so long as the vehicle has brake lights, headlights, horn, and mirror and is licensed for road use. Roads with speed limits of higher than 45 are prohibited, many roads are off-limits because […]

Domestic Violence in Washington: What You Should Know

Domestic violence charges are leveled against people in Spokane County just about every day. According to the Spokane Regional Health District each year there are around 5,400 people charged with domestic violence in Spokane County. If you are one of these and have been charged with Domestic Violence Assault in the Fourth Degree. (DVA 4), […]

Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents in Spokane

Spokane motorcycle riders have it good. Lots of summer sunshine, and all types of riding opportunities. Urban roads, day trips into the country visiting one of the quaint small towns dotting the region, a trip along the Columbia River, or a ride into the mountains. Most Spokane riders are passionate about riding and their motorcycles, […]

Who’s Responsible for Injuries in a Dust Storm?

Dust storms are common in many places in the US including some of the arid lands in Eastern Washington. A dust storm can happen anywhere there are strong winds and dry, loose land. In Eastern Washington during periods of dry weather, thunderstorms and other wind events pop up and pull dry dirt and dust from […]

Domestic Violence Protection Orders in the Time of COVID-19

Almost every part of our lives has been impacted by COVID 19. Schools, most businesses, and, to a large extent, the Courts, have all been shut down due to the global pandemic. The tricky issue is, just like not all businesses are closed, not every part of the court has closed either. This has led […]

Lookout Pass in Idaho Can be a Dangerous Place for Semi-Trucks

Lookout Pass is a stretch of I-90 that crosses the border of Idaho and Montana at an elevation of 4, 711 feet. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, the pass has a steep grade for a stretch of five miles at 6% grade. This is steep enough for the state to put runaway truck ramps. […]

Spokane Business Interruption Insurance Bad Faith Claims & COVID-19

Business interruption insurance might operate to help a business owner replace lost revenue and business expenses after a disastrous event. For thousands of businesses in and around Spokane, the COVID-19 pandemic qualifies as such an event. If the COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed or temporarily shut down your business, you might be eligible for compensation pursuant […]

Can Lawyers in the State of Washington Notarize Wills via Videoconference?

Given COVID-19 and social distancing, most Spokane lawyers have been compelled to temporarily close their offices. Many of them do as much work as possible from remote locations, or if they do go to the office, it must be closed to the public. In either case, our Spokane wills and estate lawyers will often rely […]

Property and Casualty Insurance Hacks: How To Pick Up Exactly What You Need?

Property and casualty insurance is the most efficient risk-management tool you can use. Protecting your person, assets, and possessions from destruction, theft, or depletion through disaster or litigations brought against you helps you stay afloat and maintain your lifestyle in insecure times. But what is the most favorable way to mitigate these costs, and determine […]

Does Health Insurance Cover Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

When you are injured in an accident, the insurance process can be confusing. Whether you were at fault for the accident or you were struck by a negligent driver, you will have to deal with the insurance companies at some point. Navigating health insurance (in addition to auto insurance) can be complex, and understanding what […]