Car Accidents During Winter Weather In Spokane County

Some drivers in Spokane park their cars when the weather gets icy or snowy, others head out onto slick roads seemingly just for the thrill of it. If you’re careful, it’s usually not the glazed-over roads that cause you to wreck. It’s usually the careless and reckless motorists who still operate their vehicles as if […]

Lime Scooter Hit and Run Accidents in Spokane

Electric scooters are supposed to be a safe and modern way to get around town, but the risks of injury will always be present when distracted motorists are rushing by. CNBC reported on a study done on the booming rideshare industry and found that head injuries made up 46% of e-scooter injuries. They also found […]

South Hill Pedestrian Accidents

At some point during the day, almost all of us are considered pedestrians.  Whether we are walking the sidewalks of Spokane or driving somewhere and then getting out of the safety of our vehicle. As pedestrians, we are always at risk when we are near traffic.  It puts us in close proximity to vehicles moving […]

Passenger Injuries Involving DUI Drivers in Whitman County WA

Any accident experienced from behind the wheel can be traumatic.  Those same accidents experienced as a passenger can be just as frightening. Passengers don’t have control of their safety while riding along with someone else. They can find themselves in an accident that they weren’t to blame for. The injuries left behind can lead to […]

Stolen Car Fatality Crashes in Spokane

When a car is stolen and hits another car, it creates more trouble for the victims than just being injured in a crash. In many cases, the driver of a stolen car is more likely to drive recklessly especially when avoiding the police. This puts others at risk, and because the car was stolen, it […]

DUI Passenger Accident Injuries in Spokane

All too often partygoers will all pile into a car and head from one party to another or maybe head for home but get into a single-car accident. It may be that the designated driver decided to drink, or maybe they hadn’t planned on getting impaired in the first place. However, sometimes despite the best […]

Mult-Victim Head-On Collisions in Idaho

Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous accident types. They are especially dangerous in rural areas where they make up 13 percent of all fatalities according to a study from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. In rural areas, many roads are two-lane highways with speeds of 50+ mph. If a driver is momentarily […]

Compensation for the Death of a Dog in an Auto Accident

We all know that if you get hurt in an auto accident that is another driver’s fault, the other driver’s insurance has to pay for your injuries. But what if your dog was in the car with you and was hurt or killed? After all, it’s quite normal for a pet, especially a dog, to […]

Failure to Yield Accidents in Lewiston

Failure to yield accidents can be some of the most devastating crash types because of the violence of the crash. Typically one of the cars is traveling at full speed while another car either turns in in the car’s path or just fails to get out of the when they were supposed to. The collision […]

I-90 Pedestrian Semi-Truck Accidents

Interstate 90 is a heavily traveled freeway that stretches from Seattle to Boston and has become a major arterial for semi-trailers and other large commercial trucks delivering goods across the country. In Idaho, I-90 runs through Coeur de’Alene taking the heavy traffic and trucks right through the middle of the city. Unfortunately, this means that […]