Fatal Accident at Post Falls Idaho in October 2016

November 3, 2016

In September 2016, we put together an article about the notoriously dangerous intersection of Prairie Avenue and Pleasant View Road.

Unfortunately, there has been another terrible accident at this intersection. Tragically, this was a fatal accident.

According to an article at CDA Press, a 1988 Jeep Cherokee was traveling south on Pleasant View and collided with a 2001 four-door Oldsmobile. The Oldsmobile may have pulled out in to traffic in front of the Jeep.

Accidents like this occur far too often at this intersection.

If you or a loved one is injured at this intersection:

Unfortunately, sometimes road designs contribute to accidents. When this occurs, government entities may be held liable for injuries and fatalities which occur on those roads. At this intersection, people on Prarie are often hit while turning on to Pleasant View. The accidents take place at devastating speeds, usually of 45MPH or even much faster. The accidents occur for a variety of reasons and sometimes multiple factors are involved.

These terrible accidents and deaths may not have occurred if the road were designed differently.If you believe that a defective road contributed to an accident involving yourself or a family member, contact us today. Claims against governmental entities for personal injury claims is a very detailed endeavor and requires a skilled, experienced accident attorney.

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