Post Falls Prairie Avenue – Pleasant View Road intersection Accident Lawyer

September 13, 2016

Ask anyone in Post Falls, Idaho where the most dangerous intersection is and most will not hesitate to inform you that it is the intersection of Prairie Avenue and Pleasant View Road. This is an incredibly dangerous intersection. Over the years accident after accident has occurred here resulting in serious injuries and multiple fatalities.

Can the government be held liable to injuries and deaths at dangerous intersections?

Absolutely. Counties such as Kootenai County, states such as Idaho, and even sometimes federal authorities can be held accountable for dangerous intersections. Pedestrians and motorist’s safety depends on only on motorists but also on proper design.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed at the notoriously dangerous intersection of Prairie Avenue and Pleasant View Road, contact us immediately so that we can review your case and make sure you are properly compensated. Practicing since 1948, we are experienced Post Falls car accident lawyers.

We would also be happy to see the injuries at this intersection stop forever.

What is wrong with this intersection?

Post Falls is growing quickly. People traveling on Prairie are supposed to stop at the stop sign but the road is very straight and they often become distracted. Also, many people do not realize in time that they need to stop. Then, over on Pleasant View there are no stop signs and cars blast through the intersection at 45MPH or faster. This leads to some major crashes.

When will it be fixed?

So far, larger than normal stop signs, flashing lights, and additional signage were added, and rumble strips were also added in June 2015. However, the tragic accidents continue.

At least one resident who lives on the road has made a suggestion of simply adding a traffic light at the intersection. That sounds great but studies prove this can be counterproductive and actually result in more accidents, especially on high speed roads.

The solution at intersections like this is often physically altering the street to slow traffic down.

Regardless of the solution, there needs to be one before there is more tragedy.


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