Delivery Driver Accidents in Spokane

Spokane has been known as the “Inland Empire” and has historically been a hub for shipping goods and agriculture in and out of the region.  That industry continues today, but now the modern-day equivalent includes the fleets of delivery vehicles out on Spokane roads every morning, noon, and night.

We can order up any product, grocery item, or a hot meal and have it appear on our doorstep in just a few hours.  We can even have ourselves moved about in rideshares like Lyft. Those conveniences come with a price though, particularly for local drivers hoping to stay safe on roads.

Delivery Vehicles and Auto Accidents

When you’re out on Spokane streets you may have noticed the big blue Amazon trucks and small Uber cars around every corner. These delivery and ride companies flood the area with lines of cars and trucks every day. They roam about all day dropping off goods or picking up riders.

Local roads definitely don’t need more distracted motorists, but that may be the case when drivers on the clock check their phones for their next order or get new directives from headquarters. Their inattention to the road can result in a dangerous collision.

Contact CCD Law if You are Injured in an Accident Involving a Delivery Company

Normal drivers on their way to school, work, or back home can suddenly be forced into a devastating accident and suffer painful injuries because a distracted Lyft of Uber driver slams into them. They may wonder who will take the blame for the accident.  The driver or the company he or she works for?

If you’re the victim in one of these collisions, an experienced Spokane attorney with CCD Law can help you determine who can be held responsible for your accident. If it becomes necessary to hold a national or international company responsible in your case our attorneys can handle that too.

Distracted Drivers Making Deliveries and Dropoffs

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) reports on the hazards of distracted driving on the roads and highways each year. They attributed 114 deaths to accidents involving distracted driving in 2018. In a survey conducted by the WTSC, 30% of Washington motorists said they had either sent or read a text or email while driving in the past 30 days.

Any driver can be distracted, but imagine handling a job with sometimes complex logistics involved from behind the wheel. There are many reasons to be distracted when your office is on the road.

Delivery drivers can be distracted by a new order or customer popping up on their computer or phone. They can be speeding to get a meal to a customer while it’s warm. Drivers can definitely be paying more attention to a passenger than the road ahead. All of these distractions add up to increased risk to motorists nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Delivery Companies Liable in an Accident?

Most delivery companies have insurance policies, but they do their best not to use them. The question often comes down to if a company designates its drivers as actual employees or tries to keep them as contract workers.  Contract workers and third-party companies who work for corporations like Amazon may have to shoulder the burden of responsibility in an accident and Amazon may avoid liability. Companies like Uber and Lyft cover their drivers in accidents for up to one million dollars but the coverage depends on what their drivers are doing at the time of the incident. In any case, an attorney at CCD Law can clear up the confusion and target the proper at-fault party after an accident.

How Long Do I have to File an Accident Claim?

From the time a delivery driver hits you, Washington allows victims up to three years to file a civil suit to recover damages like the cost of medical bills and lost wages from missing work.  It is not recommended that you wait for months or years after an accident to file a claim.  The sooner you file the easier it will be to collect evidence and documents needed to build a case against a driver and any parent company like Uber or Postmates.

Should I Talk About My Accident with a Delivery Company?

Companies like Lyft and Amazon have teams of lawyers to handle their accident cases. They will be hoping you’ll make a statement about what happened so they can use it to poke holes in your claim for compensation. They may also use any information to shift blame to their employee in hopes of sending the claim to the driver’s own personal insurance policy.

We Represent Delivery Driver Accident Victims in Spokane

These delivery companies and rideshare services want our business and our money, but they also owe us safe passage when we travel alongside their work vehicles each day.

An accident with a delivery truck can leave you with medical bills and a painfully long recovery. In these cases, the companies who hire the drivers like to try to place all of the responsibility on the employee.  They will escape blame and liability if possible.

Filing a claim against a company like UPS or Instacart can be intimidating, but an experienced attorney has proven methods to force them to accept blame in the accident their driver caused. Their drivers may have poor safety records. Proper background checks may not have been performed. Perhaps the vehicle they drove for the company wasn’t properly maintained.

Here are just a few of the delivery companies we can help you file a claim against:

Contact a Spokane Delivery Driver Accident Lawyer

If you were the victim in an accident caused by a delivery or rideshare driver, your only option to get your injury recovery and rehabilitation fully covered may be to file a claim against their employer or company.  A local attorney with experience taking on corporate lawyers and insurance adjusters can ensure they take your case and your injuries seriously.

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