Postmates Car Accidents

Postmates, and other delivery companies across Spokane, will drop fast food and bags of groceries on your doorstep. It’s a handy service that many families rely on, but when you do need to pull your own car out of the garage, you may spot a lot more vehicles on the road.

Quick, cheap deliveries are nice until you realize just how many people are hitting the streets to earn money behind the wheel.  Those extra drivers are alongside you no matter where you travel and there’s no getting around the fact that added traffic means increased risk for accidents.

Accidents with Postmates Drivers in Spokane

An accident with a delivery driver can have devastating consequences. A collision can leave you with serious injuries and hospital bills that would be nearly impossible for any one person to cover.

The attempt to get compensation after one of these accidents can be similar to a normal car accident up to a point. But when a driver represents a large company it’s normal to wonder if a delivery service like Postmates should take responsibility in the event of an accident. A driver caused a collision that left you suffering and in pain while they were on the clock for their employer. That company should bear some liability.

In these cases involving large companies, a local attorney with CCD Law fighting on your side can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you’ll receive for your financial and emotional losses. Postmates will have dozens of their own lawyers working against your case. You might need your own lawyer just to level the playing field.

Postmates Insurance Policy for Drivers

As you can imagine, a big company like Postmates will fight hard to avoid accepting blame in an accident involving one of its drivers. They provide only supplemental coverage to the driver’s own policy and then only at certain times of the employee’s workday.

An accident claim is first filed against the driver’s insurance policy. Then, whatever the driver’s policy doesn’t cover may end up being the responsibility of Postmates.

Postmates maintains a one million dollar third party supplemental insurance policy, but there’s a hitch. Postmates’ policy only covers a driver when they have the food or groceries for a customer in the car. Drivers are only covered until they drop the delivery off. If an accident happens at any other point, Postmates likes to claim they aren’t responsible.

Postmates Liability in an Accident

Postmates refer to its drivers as contract workers to make it easier to avoid liability when they cause collisions. There are certain ways an attorney can make a strong case against a driver and Postmates after an accident.

These are just a few of the factors that can be investigated for your claim:

  • Postmates Hiring Practices – Investigating to see if proper background checks were made when the driver was hired.
  • Postmates Safety Practices – Does Postmates train and instruct its drivers suitably.  Do they encourage drivers to attempt unsafe practices?
  • Driver Fatigue – Was a driver working too many hours in a day? Were they working for several companies at once?
  • Employee’s Driving Record – Are there previous infractions against the driver? This can raise doubt against the driver and the company they work for.
  • Vehicle Safety – Was the car, SUV, or truck involved properly inspected and maintained. Postmates should be held accountable if their drivers use an unsafe vehicle. The car manufacturer can be held responsible if a defect led to a collision.

Compensation After an Accident with a Postmates Driver

Spokane allows victims in car accidents up to three years to file a civil lawsuit to recover compensation. The attorneys with CCD Law encourage clients to file as soon as possible while evidence and documents are still easy to collect. It’s also easier to keep up with and locate witnesses.

If your claim reaches a settlement or wins in a trial you can expect compensation for many of the hardships you’ve endured and will endure. Any lost paychecks from having to miss time at work can be covered. Money to pay current hospital bills and any future bills can be awarded.  It’s also possible to get compensation for physical and emotional pain.

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