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Instacart Accidents in Spokane

A trip to the grocery store can be a hassle and even dangerous in 2020. Many people around Spokane decide to use delivery services like Instacart to have grocery bags placed at their door.

The service can be a lifesaver, but the next time you take your own vehicle out, all the extra delivery traffic on the roads can be a risk to your safety. A delivery driver, distracted by an order, can make an error in judgment and leave you no way to avoid a collision.

Instacart Distractions Cause Accidents

A delivery driver is confronted with a unique set of distractions. As they work, they get directions, detailed orders, and customer contact all while behind the wheel. Distracted drivers are a leading cause of collisions on the highways every year, and Instacart drivers have no shortage of factors drawing their attention from the road.

These distractions can turn an Instacart driver into a hazard on Spokane Roads:

  • Speeding – Ensuring ice cream doesn’t melt and cold drinks don’t turn warm. Excessive speed and distracted driving is a dangerous mix.
  • Incoming Order – Grocery orders can be detailed. Just think about what you pick-up at a store and then imagine trying to describe all of those items to someone else. If an order or a change of an order or drop-off time comes in while the driver is behind the wheel it’s a distraction.
  • Working for multiple delivery companies at once – Some try to make more money by switching between apps like Instacart, Shipt, or Wal-Mart Grocery. At times, workers can have zero orders, and suddenly they have ten requests. All those customers can be distracting.
  • Driver physical and mental health – We all have bad days. Drivers may be upset, anxious, and distracted. Drivers may also be lacking sleep with such an erratic schedule. They may be drowsy behind the wheel.
  • Drug or Alcohol use. Delivery companies generally forbid being under the influence of any substance while on the clock, but just like any motorists, Instacart drivers can make bad decisions. Delivery drivers actually face stricter guidelines to be legal behind the wheel. A normal driver must keep their blood alcohol content (BAC) under .08 but a delivery driver must generally stay under.04 BAC. This distinction may play a part in your accident case.

Finding Help for Victims in Accidents Involving Instacart Drivers

A driver’s attempt to earn money can leave them in a frantic rush and that can lead to rushed decisions on the road. A careless lane change or turn without a check of mirrors can land other motorists in devastating collisions. The injuries that result can leave lasting scars and permanent damage.

When you encounter a delivery driver in an accident, the question of liability will come up. Can Instacart be held responsible for a mistake the driver they hired made? They make money off their driver every day, but they could refuse to lend a hand when you’re facing hospital bills because of a mistake by one of their employees.

If you’re left in a tricky situation like this and dealing with painful injuries, you should talk to the attorneys with Spokane’s CCD Law. We want to work to get you up on your feet again and back to a normal life without the worry of how you’ll pay your bills. Contact us to discuss your best option for getting compensation for your emotional and physical pain.

Instacart Insurance Coverage after an Accident

As you’d expect, a nationwide company like Instacart does its best to avoid blame in any accidents caused by its drivers. Instacart keeps its employees as contract workers. This allows them to avoid liability in many accidents.

They offer insurance to their drivers if they get hurt in an accident, but generally no support for other victims in those accidents. The Instacart driver’s own insurance could be the only way to get compensation for any injuries involved.

The tricky part is that normal auto insurance policies won’t always cover a driver when they are working for a delivery service. In 2020, more and more insurance companies have started covering these drivers.  It will depend on what company the Instacart drivers use.

If the insurance company won’t back the driver,  it’s up to you or your attorney to force Instacart to bear some of the blame. There are ways to put them under a microscope and compel the company to accept liability. Calling Instacart’s hiring and background check methods into question is one way to strengthen your case.

In a worst-case scenario, the uninsured/under-insured coverage on your own policy may have to be called into play to help pay for medical costs and missed time at work.

Proving an Instacart Driver was Working During an Accident

One thing to beware of, sometimes if drivers haven’t informed their insurance company of who they work for, the driver may try to conceal they were on the clock when the accident happened. This could affect your chances of holding the company they work for responsible.

Immediately after an accident, it’s important to get any confirmation you can that the driver is on the clock for Instacart or anyone else. You may notice any signage or logos in their windows. Get photos. Look for any grocery or fast food bags in the car. The evidence may act as proof that the driver was working when they caused your collision.

Contact a Spokane Delivery Driver Accident Lawyer

If an Instacart driver caused an accident that left you injured, you’ll want a local attorney on your side for every step of the recovery. Your case may require confronting a major corporation and trying to hold them responsible for the error their employee made. These companies have teams of lawyers all working to diminish your case.  You need someone working for you with experience protecting victims and putting together successful cases.

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