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Uber Accidents

The attempt to get from North to South Spokane, or East to West, can require a lot of stops and starts, and sometimes it’s tempting to let someone else do the driving.  That’s the idea behind rideshare companies like Uber.  Open the app, enter your current location, and then where you want to be.  Uber drivers do the rest.

It’s an easy and economical way to get around, but those drivers who still choose to drive themselves may notice they’re sharing the road with a lot of Uber employees.  These workers are behind the wheel and might be distracted by their next customer, navigation systems, or other job duties. Distracted drivers are always capable of causing havoc on roadways and leading you into a scary crash.

Help for Spokane Drivers After an Accident with an Uber Car

If you wind up injured after an accident caused by an Uber driver you may be forced to figure out who should be held responsible.  Is it the rideshare driver who should be accountable for your pain and expenses? Or should the company who hired the driver be liable? These are tricky questions and of course, any big company like Uber will do whatever it can to avoid taking the blame and potentially having to pay out compensation.

A Spokane attorney with CCD Law can work for you in these cases to file a claim for damages against the right person or company or even multiple parties.  A local attorney can ensure you get the most compensation possible to pay for the financial and physical hardships you’ve suffered.

Do Uber Drivers Have Insurance Policies?

Uber drivers have their own vehicle insurance coverage but it will only apply to some instances.  That’s the problem with Uber drivers. One minute they may be on the clock, another minute they may be driving back home, but the car doesn’t change. Sometimes it’s a work vehicle and sometimes it’s a personal family car.

Two instances that are fairly clear, the driver’s own insurance covers any accidents that happen while the driver is logged off the Uber app and not working. If they are on the clock when an accident occurs their own insurance won’t cover the accident unless they’ve purchased upgraded protection in the form of a commercial policy.

When the driver is working, Uber does back its employees with coverage.  The amount of coverage is based on what phase or “period” of work the driver happens to be in.

  • Period one is when the driver is in “driver mode” on the Uber app and waiting on someone to request a ride. If an accident happens at this point, Uber provides victims a total injury liability of $100,000.
  • Period two is when a driver accepts a request for a ride and is on the way to pick up a customer. Uber covers any accidents during this phase with one million dollars in liability insurance and one million dollars in uninsured /under-insured motorist coverage.
  • Period three begins as soon as the passenger gets in and ends when the passenger gets back out. The coverage is the same as period two.

What to do After an Accident with Uber

An accident with an Uber car could leave you in pain, but if you’re able you should start collecting evidence at the scene.  The accident can quickly be cleaned up so it’s important to gather any proof of what happened while you can.

Document these details right away:

  • Dial 911. Give dispatchers and especially police a full report of how the accident unfolded.
  • Take photos of everything. Get images of the scene, the vehicles involved, and street signs. Document any Uber signage on the car. Paint a clear picture of how the collision played out in your photos.
  • Exchange information with the Uber driver. It’s very important to avoid making statements about the accident to the driver about what happened.  Don’t offer statements to any Uber representatives you talk to later either.  Uber lawyers will use these statements against you when you try to file a claim.
  • Get contact information from any witnesses on the scene.
  • Get yourself and any family members involved checked out by a doctor. Remember that not all injuries hurt right away.  If you start to experience new aches and pains, return to the doctor.

Contact a Spokane Car Accident Attorney

In Washington, you have up to three years to file a claim for damages in the wake of an accident.  The attorneys with CCD Law don’t recommend waiting for one, two, or three years to file your claim though.  File it as soon as you’re ready because the longer you wait the harder it will be to gather documents and evidence to prove your case against Uber. An attorney working on your side can help with collecting these important details.

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