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Accidents Involving Amazon Drivers

The dream of having anything in the world delivered to any Spokane doorstep is now a reality. A big blue Amazon van can stop in front of your house to drop off anything from a couch to a box of raisins.

The next day service is a great feature and keeps many families stocked up each week, but if you drive the roads yourself, you may realize the true cost of overnight delivery. There are fleets of these delivery vehicles on the roads at all hours, adding to traffic congestion and increasing the risk of accidents.

Amazon Dangers Around Spokane

Of course, in Amazon’s case, accidents they are involved in are generally more serious than most other car accidents.  Amazon’s blue-gray vans can haul up to 5,000lbs of merchandise.  A load like that in a big truck can cut braking distances way down and make any collisions carry that much more impact force.

When tragic accidents do occur, victims can be left severely hurt. At this point, they may realize another drawback to Amazon trucks.  In an accident, it’s a bit confusing to figure out who can be held liable for the mistake. Is it the Amazon driver or Amazon itself, or both? The fault may even be laid at the feet of smaller shipping companies that Amazon uses for deliveries.

Things can get complicated when you are in an accident caused by a delivery driver. The best thing to do is to get an experienced attorney to assess your case. An attorney with Spokane’s CCD Law can determine who can be held accountable. There may be factors in your accident you didn’t realize were Amazon’s responsibility. A local attorney may even be able to earn you compensation for some of the hardships you hadn’t considered.

Amazon Driver Pressure to Speed Up

It’s a dangerous recipe when these heavy trucks are out on the road, with drivers under pressure to get hundreds of deliveries out a day while doing a job involving complex logistics. Add to that a driver who may be distracted by their packages, by their route, or day-to-day life issues that they are processing while they drive.

Buzzfeed reported on the pressures that Amazon drivers endure. They are required to get every package assigned to them out each day. Sometimes that number of deliveries is up around 250 packages in a day. The numbers can be even higher during the holidays.

Most drivers are tracked by scanners that monitor them when they take breaks, turn off their vehicles, and every time they open the door.  Drivers have reported being encouraged to skip meals and some have even had to use the bathroom in their trucks.

Add to this the distractions that every driver faces, plus any distractions that stem from a high-pressure job. These factors all add up to a dangerous level of risk to the delivery driver and anyone on the road with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon have insurance for its drivers?

While a driver is out for delivery, Amazon flex insurance offers one million in liability insurance and the same in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Keep in mind, some amazon delivery vehicles are personal or contract vehicles. If a driver is using these vehicles after hours, Amazon won’t pay for any accidents that occur.

How can you hold Amazon accountable in an accident?

In some cases, Amazon will agree to pay basic compensation for the costs of hospital bills and damage to vehicles. This often doesn’t cover all of the costs associated with your recovery and future hardships that result from your accident. To get Amazon to fully pay for your recovery now and in the future, an attorney can review your case and help determine the full-range of costs that you should claim.

How long do I have to file a claim for damages against Amazon in Washington State?

Washington State – 3 Years.

You have a total of three years to file a civil lawsuit over your injuries in Washington State. You shouldn’t wait years to file though. By that time an Amazon driver may not even work for the company anymore. The sooner you file the easier it will be to locate the driver and any witnesses.  Evidence and documents will also be easier to retrieve.

Contact a Spokane Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured after a collision with an Amazon delivery driver, you’ll need someone on your side to protect your rights. The accident wasn’t your fault, but Amazon will have a team of lawyers who are paid to dismiss or diminish your claim. Having a local attorney on your team can help you build a strong case that Amazon can’t ignore.

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