Semi Truck Accident in Plaza WA

June 14, 2018

On June 13, 2018, a terrible accident occurred in Plaza, Washington, in between Spangle and Rosalia.

According to KHQ, a semi truck was headed down Highway 195 when the driver entered a construction area but did not see the flagger. At the time of this article, we are not sure why the truck driver did not see the flagger. There was only 1 lane of traffic and a line of cars was going through the construction area when the semi-truck plowed into them. One vehicle ended up trapped underneath the truck.

There was at least one serious injury in this crash and one woman needed to be transported to the hospital by air.

Accidents involving trucks

Unfortunately, when people are seriously injured by a truck they soon discover that obtaining compensation for their injuries is very difficult. That’s because there are often several parties at fault such as the truck driver, truck owner, trucking company, and in some cases several more parties. Trucking companies have insurers who like to delay and deny claims. Anyone injured in a truck accident will often receive significantly more compensation for their injuries by using an experienced truck accident attorney than they would receive by going at it alone.

Compensation may not be your first thought after a major accident but it is in your best interest to make sure it is a top priority after receiving medical attention.

Contact us after a truck accident in Washington.

If you or a loved one is injured in any type of semi truck accident in Washington or Idaho, contact us for a free, confidential consultation.  We have been representing clients in truck accidents since 1981. We will only advise you of options in your best interest so you can focus on recovery.

Remember, the trucking insurance company on the opposing side of your accident case isn’t there to help you. It’s in existence to make money, and the more claims that it pays little or nothing on, the more money it makes.

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