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A multiple-vehicle, chain-reaction crash can happen in thick fog, a blinding snowstorm or just about any condition that reduces visibility. After the first collision, the rest keep piling on because the drivers can’t see to stop in time.

On Saturday, April 11, 2020, there was a multi-vehicle, chain-reaction crash that started with a stiff wind blowing dust across Interstate 90 near Ritzville. A white minivan with a family of four entered the dust cloud and hit a semi-truck, and then another semi-truck slammed into the same truck.

Then came two SUVs, one right after another, with the first hitting both semi-trucks and the minivan followed by the second SUV that plowed into the first SUV. In all, five cars collided before the crashes stopped and 10 people were sent to local hospitals.

Multi-Vehicle Collision Injuries

The majority of the collisions in a multi-vehicle, chain-reaction crash happen when one car rear-ends another car, then more cars pile on with some hitting the car in front of them and then being hit by the car behind.

Those inside are often thrown backward and then violently forward again. As if that wasn’t enough, when the next vehicle crashes into the pile, then those inside go through it all again.

Multi-Vehicle Collision Liability

When it comes to compensation, it can get extremely complicated in a hurry. At the end of the day, drivers should adjust their speed based on the conditions of the road and are responsible for their vehicle. As for who is liable, sometimes the drivers themselves don’t know. Then, insurers will often start blaming everyone but themselves.

It can end up where some drivers have to pay for the damages they caused by rear-ending the car in front of them and then get compensation from the driver that rear-ended them. Some cars are hit more than twice complicating things even more.

In some cases, there are multiple parties responsible for your injuries.

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