Long Lake Boat Injury Lawyer in Spokane WA

August 8, 2016

Lake Spokane (aka Long Lake) is a reservoir on the Spokane River. It is beautiful place many people visit for relaxation and/or recreation. While we hope everyone has fun on the lake, unfortunately the negligent actions of another occasionally result in severe injuries or even death. Unsafe rentals, negligent actions by drunk or BUI boaters, unsafe conditions created by Washington Power Company are all possibilities which could lead to a personal injury.

A recent accident includes this boating accident in July 2016. In that case, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Marine Enforcement Deputies charged the driver of a boat involved in the collision with Assault by Watercraft. The driver allegedly hit another boat while traveling from Suncrest Park to Willow Bay Resort.

If you are involved in an accident on Long Lake and injuries are present seek medical attention and gather evidence. A Washington Boat Accident Report should be filed when:

• Loss of life occurs
• Injury occurs which requires medical treatment beyond first aid
• A person disappears from a vessel under circumstances that indicate death or injury
• Property damage is in excess of $2,000, or there is complete loss of a vessel

If you are involved in an accident on or off the water near Long Lake please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation. Since 1948 we have represented clients in Spokane and beyond.

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