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Today we heard about an unfortunate head on collision in Stevens County, Washington, just north of Spokane County and Deer Park. The accident occurred on 395 at Williams Valley Road. According to KHQ, Washington State Police responded and a total of 7 people were involved in the accident which involved 3 vehicles.

Our hearts go out to all affected by this terrible accident, the injured and their loved ones.

This is an intersection many people in the area worry about. At this intersection, the speed limit is 60MPH and cars can zip by at 60, 65 or 70 miles per hour. Cars can appear suddenly after coming around the curve of 395, and other vehicles crossing 395 have to zip across to stay out of harm’s way.

Head-On Collisions

A head on collision is when 2 vehicles hit each other head on. If both vehicles are moving at a similar speed, the force is almost the same as hitting a solid object at twice the speed you were normally traveling. These accidents occur when vehicles are traveling the wrong way on a road, when a vehicle drifts into another vehicle’s lane of travel, or when someone tries to make a left hand turn and enters the path of the oncoming vehicle.

Head on collisions often result in serious injury or death due to the impacts involved.

Do I need an attorney after a head on collision?

A lawyer who practices personal injury law should be consulted after an accident, especially any accident which involves a serious injury or death. That’s because insurers will try to minimize injury claims. In many cases, insurers try to deny fault. In some cases, they’ll even try to blame innocent drivers and passengers for their injuries in an effort to deny coverage or minimize liability. While an attorney is not needed in every case, it makes sense to get a free consultation. In many cases, it makes sense to retain an attorney. In those cases, we’re often able to help people get significantly more compensation for their injury than they would receive without us.

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