Pedestrian Accidents Leading to Street Fights

August 19, 2020

A pedestrian must always be cautious with traffic nearby.  A distracted driver can miss seeing someone crossing the street in the best of conditions.  Factoring in the darkness after sundown only makes a trip for a pedestrian that much more treacherous.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that the highest percentage of fatal pedestrian accidents happen between 6 pm and 9 pm. The time period accounts for 26% of all pedestrian deaths across a full 24 hours. It’s the span when traffic is high and light is fading.

What’s more, if the driver has been drinking a pedestrian has little chance of being spotted after dark by someone with their senses and reflexes dulled. It can lead to a tragic collision that leaves a victim badly injured and his or her family distraught.

Spokane Pedestrian Accident Leads to Fight

A pedestrian accident over the weekend in North Spokane injured one man and led to a fight involving dozens of people. KREM2-TV reported the accident happened Saturday night just before 9 pm at the intersection of North Monroe Street and West Carlisle Avenue on August 15, 2020.

Officers arrived on the scene to find an injured man in the northbound lanes of North Monroe Street.  There were also over 100 people in the street and on the sidewalks. Some of them were fighting. Most complied with orders to stop fighting and get out of the street.

Officers discovered the group had been cruising and had then gathered in the adjacent parking lot when at some point a pedestrian was struck by a car nearby.

The victim was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the car and was charged with vehicular assault and was also determined to be intoxicated at the time of the crash.  Two other people were charged in relation to the altercation following the accident.

Seeking Compensation After a Spokane Pedestrian Accident

The injuries in a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle can be severe.  The pedestrian is the most unprotected of all travelers that use the road. Just crossing the street can be a hazardous trip.

When someone is injured by a careless driver they will find they quickly collect hospital and doctor bills.  These bills may arrive at a time when the victim can’t even make it to work to earn money because of the pain.

Washington law allows a victim to file a claim for damages against a motorist whose error caused a collision.  The claim can help victims recover the costs built up during their recovery.  Claims can get money to cover things like hospital bills, lost wages from missed work, and psychological counseling.  These awards can also cover future costs if victims are left with a disability and unable to work for months or years from now.

The claim can be filed even if the suspect is facing DUI charges and is involved in a criminal trial. A civil case can proceed even if the criminal side of the case is ongoing.

Victims are allowed up to three years from the date of the accident to file their civil claim.  Waiting this long is not a good idea though.  Collecting evidence and contacting witnesses to build a victim’s case will become harder as time passes. A local attorney can help you assemble these details.

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