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There are numerous personal injury attorneys out there, just waiting for a case like yours. Unfortunately, lawyers come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them will be able to give you the best advice for your particular case. It is important that you ask him a few questions before trusting him with your case – and your money.

Here are a few questions that you should ask your personal injury lawyer before hiring them.

Are You Experienced?

Often times, you will be faced with the predicament of having a completely new lawyer on your hands. That is absolutely not a problem, but if you want the best person to handle your case, then it is suggested that you find someone with real experience in their field. You are investing time and money into this case. Ask your potential personal injury lawyer if they have any satisfied clients you could call. It should be easy to get this number and see what their previous clients have to say about their experience. You will be surprised at how many personal injury lawers will not have the ability to give you this phone number.

How Much Will This Cost?

You need a good idea of what the upfront costs will be, as well as their contingency fee. The contingency fee is a percentage of your winnings that your lawyer will get if the case is won. For example, you might pay your lawyer $4,000 to handle your case. Maybe you are looking to get $10,000 from the opposing party. Your lawyer could set the contingency fee at 30%, and receive $3,000 when he wins the case. If your lawyer can not win the case, then he will not have access to any contingency fee. All in all, you would pay your lawyer $7,000, and receive that same amount yourself. The lawyer can set his own contingency fee, but they are usually around 35%. Make sure to ask about any other fees that may arise during the process of your case before even hiring your lawyer.

Do You Have Time For My Case?

One mistake that a few personal injury lawyers make would be attempting to handle too many cases at once. Ask them how many cases they are currently working on. A single case that is going to trial is a very arduous task on its own. It would be hard for a personal injury lawyer working on multiple cases to do a good job on your case as well.

Will You Also Be Working As My Accident Attorney?

Ask your potential injury attorney if he/she is going to work as your accident attorney as well. There is something that just does not work about seeing your lawyer one time, and then never seeing him again. Make sure that he will be able to contact you throughout the process of the case. You are paying your lawyer a decent chunk of money, and the least he could do is be there if you have any questions or need anything. Some companies will have a top executive in the company meet with you, and then assign you a brand new, inexperienced lawyer. Make sure that the person you speak to is the one handling your case – not some stranger that has not even won a personal injury case yet.

Los Angeles car accident lawyer is an effective and worthwhile investment just makes sure that you have asked them all the relevant questions discussed earlier in order to secure the win of your case.

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