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There are incidents that cause accidents across Spokane and the surrounding area every day. Injuries can arise after a crash on I-90. They can follow a slip-and-fall on a spilled drink on the tile at a grocery store. They can happen at work.

Sometimes these incidents lead to traumatic injuries that threaten the lives of victims and require specialized care to give the patient the best chance of recovery.

That care can be very expensive, and it’s a Spokane traumatic injury lawyer’s job to see that patients and their families aren’t stuck with these enormous bills after someone else’s mistake.

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After a personal injury accident that injures you or a loved one, you should speak to a skilled Spokane Traumatic Injury Accident Lawyer before talking to any insurance representative. There are benefits available to you and your family that an insurance adjuster isn’t required to tell you about.

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What Is a Traumatic Injury?

A traumatic injury is a physical injury which requires immediate professional medical attention. Falls and vehicular accidents are common causes of traumatic injuries.

Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Trauma Centers

A trauma center is a certified emergency room that has specialized surgeons and equipment to treat accident patients with the most severe wounds.

The Washington State Department of Health oversees five levels of acute care trauma services. They rank facilities in a range from I, II, III, IV, and V (I is the highest). They also govern three levels of pediatric acute care trauma services and three levels of trauma rehabilitation services.

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane is a Level II trauma center. The hospital also provides care to children through its Level II Pediatric Trauma Center at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.  The trauma team includes trauma doctors, nurses, and others who offer fast medical and surgical or critical care as needed.

The staff on hand regularly treats blunt or penetrating trauma, chemical or poison exposure, and many other types of serious injury. Sacred Heart’s Trauma Center also relies on advanced medical imaging and diagnostic testing, with 24/7 lab and evaluation services.

Kootenai Health in Coeur d’Alene is also a Level II Trauma Center, verified by the State of Idaho. They work to provide the entire spectrum of care to meet all of an injured patient’s needs.

Chances are, if you suffer a serious injury in eastern Washington or in Northern Idaho, you will be flown or rushed by ambulance to one of these locations. The care will be some of the best available, but the medical bills will be high. It’s critical that patients or their family members allow a Spokane personal injury lawyer to make sure the right party is held responsible for these bills.

Types of Traumatic Injury

Here are some examples of traumatic injury:

Compensation Available after a Spokane Traumatic Injury

There will be other considerations for patients and their families after a severe injury. Of course, a stay in the ICU won’t be the end of the hospital bills that will follow. Weeks or months of physical therapy, in-home care, and the use of medical equipment like a wheelchair could all continue to add up. These expenses should be the responsibility of the person who caused the accident and the person’s insurance provider.

Sometimes insurance companies try to avoid paying for every cost that’s involved, but a Spokane traumatic injury lawyer works while you are healing to ensure you receive everything that’s fair.

These and other factors play a big role in how much a victim or a victim’s family would receive in a traumatic injury settlement:

  • Current hospital bills and any expected in the months ahead.
  • Permanent disability support if you suffer a lifelong injury. Support for medical equipment and home renovation. The potential for a lifetime of medical care and therapy.
  • Travel to medical appointments and to see out-of-state experts.
  • Lost wages and benefits from work.
  • Compensation for the physical pain you endure.
  • Compensation for the emotional trauma caused by a frightening accident and suffered during a challenging recovery.
  • Wrongful death benefits. A family who has lost a loved one to a traumatic injury accident can file a wrongful death claim against an at-fault party. This would hopefully earn money to pay for a funeral and any leftover medical expenses. The income the deceased can no longer provide to close relatives must also be factored in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes an injury a traumatic injury?

Any serious injury that requires immediate medical attention to avoid death or permanent injury. Traumatic injuries typically require extensive medical care and often an extended stay at the hospital and often a longer road to recovery.

Who can I sue if I received a traumatic injury in a car wreck?

Washington law allows you to sue anyone who negligently caused you injury. In a car accident, this is the driver who failed to use reasonable care due to others on the road. Once it is determined that the driver was negligent, and his or her negligence caused your injury, then you are entitled to compensation.

How long do I have to file a traumatic injury claim?

In Washington state, the statute of limitations for any personal injury suit is three years from the date of the injury. If this deadline is missed, then it’s possible that your right to recover any compensation is gone as well. Talk to an attorney soon if you think you are close to missing any deadlines.

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