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Head-on collisions are almost always one of the most devastating accidents that we encounter here as Spokane area car accident lawyers. While they only account for 2 or 3% of all accidents, over 10% of all fatal car accidents involve a head on collision. When people are involved in one of these accidents, there are almost always serious injuries, especially if the vehicles were traveling at freeway speeds like they do on 395.

US Route 395 stretches from Canada to Spokane and further south across the entire state of Washington. For some reason, it seems like we hear too often about head-on collisions near Deer Park. That could be because it’s the closest city most people have heard of between Clayton and Spokane. Also, there is no median divider on 395 near Deer Park and automobiles are traveling at around 60MPH in this area. When two vehicles collide at 60MPH, the force is similar to a car hitting a stopped car at 120MPH. There are more variables to this, but the details of the physics are beyond the scope of this article.

Head-on collisions in this area can be caused by drivers attempting to pass other vehicles when there is not enough room to do so or by distracted drivers playing with their phone instead of driving who drift into oncoming traffic. In other cases, drivers are driving too fast for road conditions and slide on snow or hydroplane on water into oncoming traffic.

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After any serious injury, many insurers are thinking of ways to minimize or deny your claim. In the event a loved one is killed, they’re hoping that you never call as these wrongful death cases can cost them hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Recent accidents

  • In February of 2018, a local country artist was killed in a head-on collision near Deer Park, Washington. According to The Spokesman, James “Rusty” Brown and his wife were headed south on 395 when a driver headed north crashed into them. The article states that Washington State Patrol says the other driver was driving too fast for the snowy conditions.
  • In January of 2018, an alleged DUI driver hit a car head on. According to KXLY, the 24yr old who caused the accident was transported to Deaconess Medical Center and the people in the car he crashed into were sent to Sacred Heart. The injuries in this accident were critically injured and a GoFundMe page is in place in an effort to raise funds for their recovery.
  • In September 2017, 5 people were injured on 395 when an allegedly intoxicated driver attempted to turn in front of another driver, hitting them head on. According to KHQ, vehicular assault charges were pending.

Please be safe

If you travel on 395, please do so keeping in mind the safety of others, and also be very alert to oncoming traffic, especially in the areas surrounding Deer Park; you just never know what another driver may do.

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