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How to find the right personal injury lawyer for your case

There are personal injury lawyers all over the Spokane area and even attorneys in Colville. While almost any lawyer can technically take on a personal injury case, if you have a serious injury it is in your best interest to select a law firm which specializes in personal injury and has a long history of verdicts and settlements. These law firms are familiar with personal injury courtroom procedures and have the resources available to fight for your rights in a trial if necessary.

We are compassionate and caring attorneys who care about each and every one of our clients. Do not settle for an attorney who is busy practicing all areas of the law; they typically do not have the experience needed to win serious injury cases.

Colville car accidents and injuries

With a population of just under 5,000 people, Colville is not exactly the kind of place you would imagine people getting injured often. And they do not. However, accidents do occur. People sustaining traumatic injuries are often transported over to Sacred Heart Medical Center for treatment. Injuries can happen anywhere: a stack of heavy boxes could fall from above at the Walmart, or you could get hit by a truck on E 3rd Avenue or Railroad Street, or rear-ended on Main Street. The bulk of accidents, however, occur on 395. The roundabout built here did reduce the number of intersection accidents, but this is still where the majority of collisions take place.

After a serious accident, most insurers attempt to limit the amount they will pay out for your injuries. That is where we come in. In serious injury cases, the amount of compensation we help victims obtain is often significantly more than they would receive without us.

In addition to the accidents mentioned above, we also help clients who have sustained injuries from construction accidents, dog bites, farming accidents, slip and fall injuries, and all types of injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay back my medical bills if I get a settlement for my personal injury?

Under Washington state law, the medical provider or the medical insurance carrier can seek to get back for any money for all medical bills they paid for your injuries related to a car accident. However, a good attorney will work with the insurance company to settle these bills in a fair manner.

Can I get compensation for pain and suffering?

If you are in an accident that caused you a lot of physical or emotional pain, you can seek compensation under Washington law. The at-fault driver has to pay you for how the injuries have affected your life including the amount of pain you suffered and will suffer in the future.

Should I talk to the other driver’s insurance adjuster?

No. Don’t talk to anyone from the insurance company or their lawyers before you have spoken to an attorney. While they may seem reasonable and polite, they have one job to do and that is to pay you as little as they can even if that means you get nothing. Talk to an attorney who knows the law and who is on your side.

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