Finding An Accident Report In Colville WA

If you are involved in a serious accident that wasn’t your fault in Colville or anywhere in Stevens County, don’t hesitate to contact CCD Law of Washington. Getting your medical care paid for and your financial losses covered as you heal may prove harder than you think when dealing with an insurance company.

We offer a free appraisal to victims that comes with no obligations. You owe it to yourself it see if you’re missing out on support that you might have a right to. An insurance company certainly won’t be informing you of these options.

Requesting an Accident Report in Colville

If you have a lawyer representing you for your accident case, your lawyer will likely be retrieving a collision report for you.

If you still want your own copy of your accident report you may contact the proper authorities. If your accident happened in Colville and was worked by Colville Police you can request your accident report in person or by phone. To apply in person print out this Request for Police Record Information and bring it to the Police Department Office. You can also apply by phone at (509) 684-2525. Once the request is approved you can pick it up at the office or have it mailed to you.

When requesting your report try to have this information handy:

  • Case Number, if you got one at the scene of your accident.
  • Time of Accident.
  • Date of Accident.
  • Location of Incident/Accident
  • Name(s) of Involved Parties


Colville Police Department
PO Box 533
Colville, WA 99114

For accidents that occurred outside of city limits and were worked by the Stevens County Sheriff’s Department requests for an accident report would go through the county’s public records request site.

If the Washington State Patrol responded to your accident, as in a collision out on U.S 395, you will have to rely on their website at to look up and view your collision report. Copies will cost you $10.50 each.

Should I call a Lawyer after a Car Accident in Stevens County?

After a basic property damage accident involving minor bruises or scrapes, a standard insurance claim will likely be enough to get your car repaired or replaced. You probably don’t need an attorney for a case like that.

If you or a loved one are seriously hurt in a crash, you should contact a local lawyer with experience on Washington roads. Confronting insurance companies working for the driver to blame can create more stress for you and cost you valuable compensation. Allow a Lawyer with CCD law to talk over your case with you and determine your best path to getting the compensation you’ll need.

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