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Some people think motorcycles are only for touring and sightseeing, but riders in Washington will hop on their bikes for any reason they can find. They may commute to work into or out of Cheney and they may just be out to grab coffee.

You may be motoring to your job or just enjoying some fresh air on a loop down to Sprague on Mullinix Road when a careless driver threatens to ruin your day. It can be a veer over into your lane or a turn in front of you, but it usually begins with the driver not having any idea that a motorcyclist is there.

An inattentive driver’s failure to look closely before any move can be devastating for motorcyclists who ride in the open air without the protection of four walls, an airbag, and a roof. A rider may land in the hospital and soon be facing the unbelievably high costs of hospital care without knowing where to find help.

Common Mistakes That Cause Motorcycle Accidents in Cheney

Motorcyclists ride without windows and get to see much more of the wide-open spaces than most everyone else on the road. Unfortunately, other drivers claim they have a more obstructed view and don’t always see the riders that they crash into.

Of course, this likely means drivers just didn’t bother to check their mirror properly or were paying attention to something else when they got in the path of a motorcyclist.

The scenarios seem to be the same with each dangerous motorcycle collision caused by a careless driver. Here are a few of the common problems:

  • Dangerous Lane Changes – Drivers may be completely unaware they’ve been traveling alongside a motorcycle for miles. When it comes time to change lanes they can blow off checking mirrors and blind spots and jerk their steering wheel over, leaving a rider with nowhere to go.
  • Vehicle Turning Left – Drivers seem to be stressed when they have to monitor several lanes of traffic and crosswalks to make a safe left turn. Their eyes and brains can miss an oncoming rider and they can make a left-hand turn right in front of the bike.
  • Rearend Collisions – Drivers also seem to have trouble spotting the smaller profile of a motorcycle stopped in front of them, even with lights on. These impacts can launch a rider from his or her bike and cause severe injuries.
  • Dooring Hazards– Turns out a motorcyclist driving along a row of parked cars can also be needlessly dangerous. Occupants of parked cars should take a long look before opening their doors, but often they don’t take the time to check for bicyclists or motorcyclists and suddenly swing out a big obstacle in front of riders.

Earning Compensation After a Cheney Motorcycle Accident

The biggest obstacle for injured motorcyclists is holding an at-fault driver’s insurance company responsible while making sure they can’t shift the blame to you. Insurance agents spend a lot of energy trying to find ways to blame motorcyclists for collisions.

To prevent their unfair practices, start gathering evidence right after an accident if you are physically able. Take photos with your cellphone and get information from witnesses. Note any homes or businesses in the area that may have security cams that caught the events of the crash.

Washington has set the statute of limitations on filing a claim over injuries at three years from the time of the incident. You shouldn’t use all of this time. Begin the process of filing a civil lawsuit as soon as you’re able. It can make gathering important documents and locating witnesses easier. The sooner you get a claim on an insurance agent’s desk the sooner you can expect to get help with your medical expenses and reimbursement for your lost paychecks while you’ve missed work. An attorney representing you can assist with this process and help you decide when you’re ready to file.

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