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The number of pedestrian accidents around Spokane rises every year. The frightening trend can devastate victims and leave families to grieve after terrible tragedies.

The Spokane Regional Health District collected data over a three-year span to gain a better understanding of the local risks for pedestrians. They found that with pedestrian accidents across Spokane County, 77% occur in Spokane city limits with another 14% reported in Spokane Valley. The months from October to February bring the most pedestrian collisions. Tragically, across those three years, 3% of pedestrian collisions were documented as fatal and another 13% resulted in serious or disabling injuries.

Woman Killed in Spokane Pedestrian Crash

A woman tragically lost her life after getting hit by a car in northern Spokane on Saturday Afternoon. KHQ-TV reports the accident occurred just before 5 p.m. on North Cincinnati Street near Olympic Avenue on January 9, 2021.

Spokane police say a man the victim was dating was intoxicated when he hit her with his car. Firefighters attempted life-saving measures on the woman but she, sadly, could not be revived.

The driver remained on the scene and was arrested for vehicular homicide due to being impaired while operating a vehicle that caused the death of another person. The investigation continues and anyone who has any information about what happened is asked to call the Spokane Police Department.

Finding Help for Families After Spokane Pedestrian Accidents

No family is prepared for the news that a family member has been taken from them in a tragic accident. The shock will be hard to get over, but families will need to think of their own wellbeing and financial stability in the weeks after a tragedy.

In an accident that wasn’t a victim’s fault, fees from emergency responders and funeral expenses can leave a family to stress over enormous bills. These costs can hit just as the support the deceased provided through his or her job can no longer be counted on for help.

Under these tragic circumstances, a representative chosen by the family can bring a wrongful death claim against at-fault drivers. Family members may feel unsure about suing someone they know after an accident, but these claims go after a driver’s insurance company and generally not the drivers themselves. Drivers pay insurance premiums exactly for these situations, to get help for a victim and his or her family at a vulnerable time.

If a driver is a DUI and vehicular homicide suspect they will be facing a criminal trial as well. This will not affect the family’s attempt to get compensation through civil court. The civil proceedings can move forward no matter what the status is on the criminal case.

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