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On Sunday, October 8, 2017, a sedan crashed into the side of a Subway restaurant. According to The Spokesman, the vehicle had been traveling at a “high rate of speed” when it crashed and the hit 3 people. Two of the people were injured, and one person died. According to the article, the driver had a history of vehicle related infractions such as speeding. The driver was arrested and so far has been charged with 2 charges of vehicular assault and one charge of vehicular homicide.

Accidents involving speed

Speeding vehicles contribute to about 1 out of 3 fatal traffic accidents. Unfortunately, some people do not believe that speed limits apply to them and continue to speed or drive recklessly until someone is severely injured or killed. This is negligence.

What if a loved one is killed by a speeding driver?

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If a loved one is killed by a reckless driver, negligent parties may be held accountable via a wrongful death claim.

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