Motorcyclist Killed in Airway Heights Crash

May 17, 2018

On May 15, 2018, a pickup truck crashed into a motorcycle traveling along Highway 2. Sadly, the motorcyclist was badly injured and pronounced dead soon after she arrived at the hospital.

According to KHQ-Q6, this crash happened in Airway Heights at around noon. Shortly before the crash, the motorcyclist was traveling east and the trucker was headed west. Allegedly, the pickup truck suddenly turned left and struck the motorcyclist head-on.Emergency responders transported the injured motorcyclist to Spokane’s Sacred Heart Medical Center. As mentioned above, however, the rider succumbed to her injuries.

A GoFundMe page is in place for one of the motorcyclist’s relatives who is trying to visit their mother. If you are reading this, please consider donating.

The Dangers Of Left Turns And Motorcycles

One of the most common factors involved in motorcyclist fatalities in the USA is a vehicle unexpectedly turning left at an intersection. Official statistics from the US Department of Transportation show that 75 percent of all motorcycle accidents in America involve a car or truck. Amazingly, in 65 percent of these cases, the motorist involved neglected to yield for the motorcyclist.

Oftentimes car drivers who accidentally strike into motorcycles admit to police that they didn’t notice the motorcycle before the crash. Local police hope the above accident serves as a stark reminder to all Washington motorists to treat motorcyclists with the same courtesy they would fellow drivers, especially at intersections and while making other left hand turns. This is even more important to remember in the summertime when motorcyclists are more active.

Call CCD Law After any Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Everyone at CCD Law offers their condolences to the family and friends of the victim in this horrific motorcycle crash. Although it isn’t the first thing that runs through anyone’s mind after such a tragic accident, it’s important for family members affected by these kinds of crashes to contact an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for legal assistance as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will try to take advantage of you in your time of need just to save a few bucks on their bottom lines, especially after the death of a loved one. Most insurers will not let you know about your options and try to deny any claims made. That’s because wrongful death claims can cost them very large sums of money. Only an experienced injury lawyer can let you know the damages you’re legally owed and explain how you can get them. While financial compensation can never take away the grief of losing a loved one, the peace of mind knowing you’re getting everything you’re entitled to can help you on the road towards healing. A wrongful death claim also places responsibility on the party whose careless actions caused the death of your loved one.

Contact us after any fatal motorcycle crash in Airway Heights or anywhere else in Spokane County. We have a long track record of helping motorcycle crash victims and have been assisting clients with legal matters since 1948.

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