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The only thing that a motorcycle rider might like better than going for a ride out on the open roads is doing the same with a group of friends. When you ride in a group, it can be safer because you are more visible if there are more of you, and drivers will give a group of bikers more room.

However, groups can also be dangerous. The group can get stretched out or too close together, and all it takes is for one motorcyclist to mess up and a chain-reaction crash can happen.

Four Motorcyclists Hospitalized in Crash East of Couer d’Alene

Three motorcycles were traveling together and ended up colliding with each other on Monday, May 25, 2020. According to the Idaho State Police, the accident happened on I-90, milepost 26 when one of the riders bumped another bike causing the bike to crash into the center divider. The rider was ejected from his bike.

Then the third bike rider couldn’t stop in time and ran into the first bike that was down on the pavement. All three bike operators and a passenger were seriously injured and taken to Kootenai Medical Center in Couer d’Alene.

Group Bike Accidents

Along with greater visibility, what makes riding in a group safer because you have others nearby who can help if you need something. Also, if the group is run properly with a more experienced rider in front, then the rider can relay hazards back to the others and set the right speed for the group and determine when to go single file and when it’s ok to double up.

However, in a group, things can go south in a hurry. Bikers can bunch up, take turns together and at different speeds, go too fast for all members of the group. Stretch out too much and cause those in the back to speed up.

Any of these plus a moment’s distraction, lack of experience, or just plain bad luck can lead to a crash and cause several cyclists to go down at the same time.

Group Bike Liability

When you are operating any motor vehicle, including a bike, you have insurance for when you cause an accident. Often times, friends are reluctant to put in a claim on another friend’s insurance policy, or may not even think it’s an option.

However, the law requires that the at-fault rider pays for all injuries and damage caused by the rider’s negligence. In a chain-reaction bike collision, the actions of all riders involved will be looked at, and then the riders that were negligent will owe the victim compensation for his or her injuries and damage to the motorcycles.

If more that one rider is negligent, then that rider will pay their share of the damages based on their percentage of negligence.

If you’ve been injured while on a group ride, you need to talk to an attorney about your options. The attorney can deal with the insurance company so your at-fault friend won’t have to be involved other than to talk once or twice with their insurance adjuster.

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