Interstate Accidents Involving Hit-And-Run Drivers In Post Falls ID

January 15, 2021

There are so many ways that dangerous crashes can occur on interstates and it’s sometimes hard to believe that a driver would choose to drive recklessly to only increase the risk of an accident.

The Idaho Transportation Department tracks these dangerous choices through every season. They found that in a single year in Idaho a person was tragically killed in an accident involving aggressive driving every 4.5 days.

Drivers can be going too fast to stay in control of their vehicle or cut in and out of lanes and make a mistake. A serious accident can be the outcome and that tragedy can be made even more unforgivable when at-fault drivers decide not to stop to check on their victims or accept responsibility.

Hit-And-Run Accident on I-90 in Post Falls

A man in a pickup truck was sent off the road by a reported reckless driver in Post Falls on Thursday afternoon. The Spokesman-Review reported the hit-and-run accident happened around 3:15 p.m. along Interstate 90 at milepost seven on January 14, 2021.

The Idaho State Police say a Volvo weaving through traffic traveling westbound caused the 72-year-old driver of a Ford F350 to go off the shoulder. The condition of the driver, from Spokane Valley, wasn’t released.

Investigators say the dark-colored Volvo with Washington plates did not stop after the accident and exited at milepost seven in Post Falls. The car may have front end damage. If you have information about the car or the occupants you’re asked to contact the Idaho State Police.

Help for Post Falls Accident Victims

After an encounter with a dangerous hit-and-run driver, a victim can face a difficult recovery in the weeks and months that follow. Getting help with property damage and hospital bills is not a guarantee when drivers don’t stick around to accept liability for their mistake. It’s also not a sure thing that insurance companies will do the right thing and come to the aid of a victim struggling to heal and meet the high cost of treatment.

If a hit-and-run suspect is located and arrested, a victim is permitted to file a claim for damages against his or her insurance policy. This claim would help get a monetary award to prevent the victim from facing financial difficulties as hospital bills and normal monthly expenses begin to build up. The suspect will likely have a criminal court date, but that won’t affect the victim’s civil case. These two separate cases can move forward independent of each other.

If a hit-and-run driver is able to evade identification and is never brought to justice, a victim may still have a chance to get help from his or her personal car insurance policy. Victims can file a claim for damages on their uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and hope to get financial help with all of their hardships. This can also be a difficult path though because victims’ own insurance agents can treat them like an enemy and try to get them to accept far less in compensation than they need to rebuild their lives.

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