Accidents with Grubhub Drivers in Coeur d’Alene

When you want a sub and some chips, you can either learn to bake those great sandwich rolls yourself or download the Grubhub app. Delivery drivers are waiting on your orders and can pilot a chicken or club sub to your door with very little waiting.

Delivery services run on your cravings and that can be almost too handy at times. There’s also a problem when you hit Coeur d’Alene streets in your own car or on foot with all of these rideshare and delivery drivers zipping around everywhere. They may be speeding and they may also be looking at orders on their phones. It can be a reckless and distracting job at the wheel, and that carelessness can land you in a serious accident.

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After an accident involving a Grubhub driver, and after you’ve begun your recovery from your injuries, you then have to figure out who can be held accountable for your hardships. You didn’t cause your collision and you shouldn’t be on the hook for all of your medical costs and other expenses you’ve been left with.

The at-fault driver should be held responsible but what about the company they work for? Shouldn’t they share in the liability? It can really be a confusing and frustrating journey, but an attorney helping to guide you to your best options can keep you from losing out on the compensation you need. Contact the accident attorneys with CCD Law of Spokane and Idaho for a free consultation on your case. There’s no obligation when you talk to us. We will listen to you and help you find the best option for getting all of your bills paid.

Does Grubhub Offer Insurance Coverage for Victims?

Grubhub drivers can be dealing with a million things behind the wheel. They can get a “stacked” order on the app and be delivering more than one meal to more than one location. They can also be working for other delivery apps like Postmates or DoorDash at the same time. This makes them more money, but it can make them more careless on the roads as well. That’s bad news for you if you’re traveling anywhere near the Grubhub car.

It’s a business that puts a lot of distracted drivers out on our roads. So it’s surprising how little they provide in accident coverage if their drivers hit you. Try zero.  Grubhub refuses to take liability for anything its drivers do on the road.

If you get hit you’ll be instructed to file against the driver’s personal car insurance policy. This can end in failure though because insurance firms often deny coverage to their policyholders if they were driving for Grubhub when a crash takes place. They can outright deny your claim, or the compensation may have limits and you end up without enough coverage to pay your bills.

Grubhub says it doesn’t cover its drivers or their victims. They feel they can get away with this because their employees are contract workers. They may officially deny coverage, but an attorney working on your behalf can illuminate certain shortcomings in the way Grubhub handles its drivers to force them to bargain with you.

These are just a few of the factors that can be investigated:

  • Grubhub Hiring Practices – Investigating to see if proper background checks were made when the driver was hired. Did they miss anything?
  • Grubhub Driver’s Record – Has this driver been in hot water before with law enforcement or with Grubhub? Should they have already been suspended?
  • Grubhub Safety – Is there proper training offered to new drivers?  Do drivers feel they must act in a risky manner just to keep their company and their customers happy?
  • Vehicle Inspections – The driver’s car should be considered part of Grubhub operations. Is it taken in for maintenance and inspected often enough? If a malfunction caused the accident even the vehicle manufacturer can be held liable.

Filing a Claim with Your Insurance After a Coeur d’Alene Accident

If Grubhub and the Grubhub Driver’s insurance won’t accept responsibility for your accident you may have to rely on your own policy to help you pay recovery costs and help make up for time and money you’ve lost at work. You would move forward with a claim on your uninsured motorist’s coverage.

Unfortunately, you can have trouble with your own insurance agency in the same way you can have trouble with another driver’s insurance company. Your agent will still try to get you to accept as little as possible for your claim. You may get so little that you can’t even cover the bills for your hospital stay, let alone your other expenses. An attorney standing up for your rights can make sure your agents take your case seriously.

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