Accidents Involving Amazon Drivers in Coeur d’Alene

You may have moved to Idaho for the clean air and peace and quiet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need the occasional visit from Amazon’s blue vans. You might be in desperate need of a snow shovel, an ice scraper, or a 24-pack of your favorite soft drinks brought to your doorstep. Amazon offers around 12 million products for your shopping pleasure. It’s great to have all that at your fingertips, but there are definite drawbacks if you’re in the same lane as an Amazon truck.

Those heavily loaded vans and the Amazon Tractor-Trailers that you see on the highways keep the shipment network flowing but they can also be major hazards if you’re driving beside them. Also, consider that Amazon drivers have a lot going on as they rush around Coeur d’Alene. A distraction from the road can cause a sudden swerve or a veer into oncoming traffic. You may be the car that gets struck before you can even react.

Amazon Driver Accident Dangers In Coeur d’Alene

Amazon employees work hard, long days. They can have over 100 packages to get out in a day. They may even have leftover packages from the day before that still need to be dropped off. They can’t take many bathroom or lunch breaks.

They also use a handheld device to keep track of packages, destinations and to be able to alert people when their orders are dropped off. With the long hours and the reliance on a cellphone or computer, the chance of an employee driving fatigued or distracted is higher than for a normal driver.

This can present a real hazard if you happen to be in the path of an Amazon driver. Their vans can weigh up to 5000lbs when fully loaded and one glance down at a computer can send this dangerous hazard into your car, truck or SUV.

The Idaho Transportation Department highlights the dangers of inattentive driving each year. In a single year, the state saw 4,808 accidents involving distracted driving. Those accidents led to 39 fatalities and over 3000 people injured.

Amazon Insurance Coverage in Accidents

While an Amazon driver is out for delivery, Amazon offers up to one million dollars in liability insurance for drivers and their victims.

These accidents can be tricky though because sometimes Amazon hires contract drivers who take their own vehicles out or use a local shipping companies vehicle. In these cases, you might have to file an accident claim against the driver’s personal car insurance or the local contractor’s insurance.

An attorney taking up your case and working with you can determine just who might be held liable in any accident you have involving a delivery driver.

Compensation in Coeur d’Alene Amazon Accidents

Filing a claim for damages can be essential if you are a victim of a serious accident caused by an Amazon full-time worker or a contract worker. Your injury could require a lifetime of attention, surgeries may be required in the years to come, you may even miss more time at work and be unable to support yourself.

In Idaho, victims have up to two years to file a claim for damages against an at-fault driver and the company they work for.

If a claim is successful and earns a settlement or a jury verdict for compensation victims can expect help with these hardships and more:

  • Ambulance and medical expenses.
  • Earnings you’ve lost from missing work and time you may miss in the future.
  • The financial burden of a permanent physical disability such as a loss of a limb, memory loss, or even training for a new career.
  • Emotional Distress. The depression and anxiety that can arise for victims after a devastating accident. Loss of enjoyment of life. A claim can pay for counseling sessions.
  • Damage or destruction of property.
  • Extreme physical pain victims have dealt with.

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