Dangerous T-Bone Motorcycle Accidents in Coeur d’Alene

Distracted drivers can hit the gas when they shouldn’t and suddenly be out in front of an unsuspecting motorcyclist. The rider may be facing the entire length of a car and be forced into a dangerous t-bone collision.

These crashes can send riders to the hospital with severe injuries and with little hope of a short recovery time. They may even be off their bikes for weeks or months. The Attorneys of CCD Law of Spokane and Northern Idaho take great pride in defending the rights of motorcyclists who are injured by negligent drivers. When a careless driver causes a frightening impact, victims will need protection from insurance companies that like to blame riders for their own accidents and leave them high and dry when hospital bills arrive. Contact us for an honest look at your best path to fair compensation to help in recovery and in getting you back on your bike again.

Dangerous T-Bone Motorcycle Accidents in Coeur d’Alene

Even the most inexperienced motorcyclist in Coeur d’Alene has probably had to steer clear of a careless driver and a potentially dangerous collision more than a few times.

Unfortunately, riders can’t always avoid a crash, especially when a car pulls out in front of the rider or turns in front of the rider exposing the entire broadside of the vehicle. It’s a bigger obstacle, leaving more steel and aluminum to try to swerve around.

A “t-bone” or “broadside” collision can be the result. These accidents can be all the more serious because the impacts are less likely to be glancing blows. The bike’s momentum is often stopped in a split second, exerting extreme forces on a rider’s body. The rider is also likely to be thrown from the bike and can land in another dangerous spot.

Distracted Drivers and Motorcycle Accident Hazards

The Idaho Transportation Department reported just over 500 motorcycle crashes in 2017 alone, with 86% of those incidents causing an injury. The ride can be dangerous for every motorcyclist especially in certain common traffic situations.

Two of the most common situations that seem to lead to motorcycle accidents involve a common mistake by careless drivers: failure to take a proper look before turning. These two common scenarios caused by inattentive drivers often expose a rider to the broadside of a car, SUV or truck.

  • Vehicle Turning Left – For some reason drivers preparing for a left-hand turn across on-coming traffic will glance up and perhaps get “tunnel vision.” They can see other cars and trucks barreling towards them, but often completely miss the smaller motorcycle approaching. The driver believes the path is clear and begins the wide left turn exposing the broadside of the vehicle to the rider who has no chance to slow down.
  • Vehicle Entering a roadway – This is when a driver is pulling out onto a highway or street to cross or turn onto the road. For the same mysterious reason, they don’t see a motorcycle coming at them. They pull out in front of the rider and leave the full length of the vehicle in their path.

Compensation for Motorcycle T-Bone Accident Victims

The consequences can be severe when motorcycles strike the broadside of a vehicle. There’s little chance of a glancing blow and the side of a vehicle will not give way to lessen the impact. Your body will absorb much of the blunt force in the collision.

Recovery can mean a long and painful schedule of rehabilitation and physical therapy. The only part of this challenging journey you should absolutely be able to avoid is the expense of medical care. You didn’t cause your accident and you shouldn’t have to shoulder the costs alone.

In Idaho, injury victims are allowed to move forward with a claim for damages against an at-fault driver’s insurance company for up to two years after the incident. It’s key to remember that the sooner you file this civil lawsuit, the sooner the process can get underway to earn you the money you need to cover your physical and financial hardships. In the early going it’ll also be easier to locate evidence and request records that are needed to back up your case.

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