Dooring Accidents in Coeur d’Alene

A motorcyclist can face hazards from just about any direction. Careless drivers can fail to spot riders right beside them and even right in front of them. Drivers might make a frightening mistake, ram a cycle from behind, or veer right into them. Even a parked motorist can cause a major accident by opening a door as a motorcyclist is passing.

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver please consider contacting an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. CCD Law attorneys cover Spokane and Idaho and defend injured victims from insurance companies and their tendency to always blame the biker in an accident. You didn’t cause your accident and you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for your medical recovery. You should be left to work on healing and eventually getting back on your motorcycle again.

Coeur d’Alene Motorcycle Dooring Accident Dangers

Motorcyclists enjoy more fresh air than just about anyone else on the road and the benefits of the clear mountain air found in Coeur d’Alene are hard to argue. It’s no wonder riders will take to the streets even when careless motorists in cars and SUVs are so often putting them in danger.

Even a vehicle parked and switched off can prove hazardous to riders when an occupant doesn’t look behind the car before opening a door.  These are known as “dooring” accidents.

Riders can approach at considerable speed and have a car door swing wide in front of them, leaving almost zero reaction time to steer clear. And avoiding the door may leave motorcyclists in danger of getting hit by another vehicle traveling along right beside the rider.

Motorcycle Dooring Accidents By the Numbers

The Idaho Coalition of Motorcycle Safety found that in 2018 the state saw around 137 motorcycle, moped, and scooter crashes. Those accidents resulted in a tragic 37 lost lives.

Although Dooring accidents aren’t generally noted in accident reports, the dooring hazard is a problem across the world for all motorcyclists. DutchReach.Org found that in one study 16% of motorists said they rarely or never check for a bicycle or motorcycle approaching when they open a door. It shows in big cities like Chicago where somewhere around 300 dooring accidents were reported in a single year.

The “Dutch Reach” is an effort to get people to change their method of opening a car door. Supporters ask drivers to use their far hand to open a car door, rather than the closest hand to the door. In doing this, occupants are forced to turn to face any traffic that might be coming up from behind, they have better control of the door and can open it slower.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims In Coeur d’Alene

In Idaho, riders who are injured by careless drivers have up to two years to file a civil lawsuit to recover some of the incredible losses a collision can leave behind. For evidence collection and tracking down witnesses, the sooner you file the better. An attorney working on your side can help you with this process.

You’ll be filing a claim to insist on help with all of your hardships after an accident. This compensation can come out of a settlement proposal from the at-fault driver’s or passenger’s insurance company. An attorney can help you determine if an offer is fair. If not, a civil trial may be necessary to win compensation in court.

A successful claim can see you awarded for some of these damages and possibly more:

  • Medical Bills
  • Physical Therapy and equipment
  • Travel costs to appointments
  • Lost time from work (Including the expected future lost time)
  • Permanent disability/disfigurement
  • Pain and mental anguish
  • Repair or replacement for your motorcycle
  • Loss of consortium (Being without the support of a spouse, partner, family member, etc.)

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