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Filing an Insurance Claim With Liberty Mutual After A Coeur d’Alene Accident

Right after falling victim to a Coeur d’Alene traffic accident, you may get to talk with an at-fault driver on the scene. However, once you leave the crash site, you’ll likely never communicate with that driver again. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for his or her insurance agent.

If that motorist is covered by a national carrier like Liberty Mutual, you’ll likely spend many frustrating hours on phone calls and reading emails with little promise of getting the injury support you need. It may seem like that agent is purposely running you in circles and you may be right.

Car Insurance Pitfalls After Coeur d’Alene Accidents

You’ve may get home from the hospital and find yourself in a cast or on crutches and facing a long recovery. You can wonder how much all of the expensive medical care you’ve just received and that ambulance ride will cost you.

If you weren’t to blame for your accident the answer should be that you never face a single hospital bill. The at-fault driver’s insurance provider should take full responsibility for every physical and financial hardship you endure. Sadly, that’s not a guarantee when dealing with insurance giants like Liberty Mutual. Their expensive TV ads and computer-generated Emus cost real money, and the less you get in injury relief means more money for their advertisement budget.

Insurance agents may delay talking to you as long as possible while you see your car loan and mortgage go unpaid as you miss more time at work with your injury. By the time Liberty Mutual extends an unfair settlement offer you might quickly sign for it, feeling you have no other choice.

Agents can also just outright deny your claim for damages. They may cite some fine-print in their auto insurance policy that frees them of responsibility for the policyholder’s mistake. This is another ploy designed to make you give in or give up. You can be reaching desperation as medical bills pile up, all while Liberty Mutual continues to try every tactic they have to make you go away.

What to do After an Accident Caused by a Liberty Mutual Policyholder

Despite all the evidence and contrary to a police report, insurance companies also like to play the blame game. Liberty Mutual adjusters will use your statements or your past driving record to try to show that it was your mistake that caused the accident. If they can get you to accept partial blame or full blame, they save thousands of dollars that could be going towards your recovery.

It’s why you should anticipate a difficult insurance battle after any accident. To prepare you should gather as much evidence as possible.

These are a few things you can focus on at the accident scene:

  • Dial 911. Let the responding officer know about everything you saw leading up to the crash. Document every injury with paramedics. If you require a trip to the emergency room ask someone with you or a helpful bystander if they’ll take photos for you.
  • Use your cellphone to take pictures. Try to tell the timeline of the accident in photos. Get street signs and lane markings and show weather conditions. You should have pictures of the damage to cars, license plates, and any signage on the cars including the make and model.
  • Swap information with other motorists. Get driver’s license and insurance information. Don’t comment on who was at fault or how badly you may be hurt. With the shock of the accident, you may not have a clear answer for either question.
  • Discuss the circumstances of the accident with witnesses. Find out how to contact them.
  • Notice any business security cameras or home security systems that might have recorded the accident. Note their addresses.
  • Get checked out by your own physician. Pay special attention to any injuries that appeared in the days after an accident. The shock and adrenaline present after a collision can mask injuries for hours or days.

Contact a Coeur d’Alene Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one are hurt by a negligent driver, please make time to speak with a local car accident attorney. You could end up in a real battle with insurance agents just trying to get basic support that every victim should have access to.

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