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Drivers who choose to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can hurt more than just themselves. They endanger every other driver on the road and can put defenseless pedestrians in harm’s way.

Accidents involving an impaired driver are heartless acts that result in severe injuries and the loss of life every year. A tragic loss can leave a victim’s families to deal with sudden emotional trauma and leave them facing a future without a beloved family member.

Pedestrian Struck and Killed In Spokane

A suspected impaired driver hit and killed a pedestrian Saturday night in the Browne’s Addition neighborhood of Spokane. KXLY-TV reported the accident happened at Sunset Highway and Cannon Street on November 14, 2020.

Spokane Police Officers say the victim was taken to the hospital but later succumbed to injuries.

Investigators say the 24-year-old man at the wheel of the vehicle involved was driving while impaired. He was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide.

Support for Spokane Families After Pedestrian Accidents

The devastating consequences that careless drivers can inflict on pedestrians are seen every year in annual accident statistics across Spokane. The Spokane Regional Health District found that over a three-year span 3% of pedestrian collisions across Spokane County proved fatal, another 13% resulted in serious or disabling injuries.

These tragic numbers show just how little caution some drivers can show for people on foot. When you factor in drugs or alcohol, drivers under the influence can make decisions that can threaten anyone in their path.

A family left behind after a tragedy may have to hold a driver accountable for his or her actions through something called a wrongful death civil lawsuit. This claim for damages can help families remain stable after losing someone who supported the family emotionally and financially.

The claim targets the drivers and their insurance companies and asks for compensation for things like hospital bills, funeral costs, and lost wages from the job the victim supported the family with. The family can also ask that psychological pain be compensated, especially considering the emotional support the victim would have provided a spouse or children in the coming years.

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