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Careless drivers can put other motorists at risk any time they take to the road, but a driver who is under the influence of alcohol can increase the chances of causing an accident many times over.

In a single year, the State of Washington recorded a person lost their life to an impaired driver once every one and a half days. Over 26,000 cases of DUI were filed in state courts over that same year.

These tragic numbers show just how dangerous drinking and driving can be on Spokane roads. A terrible decision to get behind the wheel can lead to severe injuries for victims and even cost them their lives.

Spokane Valley DUI Collision

A woman was injured in a two-vehicle collision in Spokane Valley early Thursday morning. KXLY-TV reported the accident happened at the intersection of Trent Avenue and North Park Road on November 11, 2020.

The Washington State Patrol says that a 30-year-old man was driving west on SR 290 when he attempted a left turn on Park Road without yielding to oncoming traffic. His vehicle struck another car driven by a 40-yr-old woman.

The woman was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital with injuries. The woman had a child in the car with her who was not injured. Investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Support for DUI Crash Victims in Spokane

A collision with a drunk driver can be almost impossible to see coming and avoid because by definition someone who is driving under the influence will make dangerous and unpredictable decisions.

Victims can suffer painful injuries and face extensive recovery. Physical recovery should be the only thing the victim has to worry about, but unfortunately, a serious accident can just as easily lead to a financial disaster for victims as well.

Expensive hospital bills and ambulance fees can be challenging to pay on their own. But victims may also be forced to miss weeks of work thanks to their injuries. Those lost paychecks can make it hard to meet the rent and utility bills, let alone a stack of medical bills.

Of course, you didn’t cause your accident and you shouldn’t have to suffer these financial hardships alone. Filing a civil lawsuit may be the only way to ensure the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company provide compensation to help you during this difficult time. A claim for damages can earn money to pay bills and recover lost wages. Your emotional and physical anguish suffered during your recovery can also be factored into compensation.

Contact a Spokane Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been the victim of a collision caused by someone driving under the influence, you should not have to cover the costs of your recovery. Make sure the guilty driver is held accountable for every hardship you face in the wake of a DUI accident.

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