Dangerous Accidents At Intersections in Kootenai County

February 24, 2021

Intersections are always dangerous places for motorists. Two vehicles or more approach a crossroads and drivers must trust that the other drivers will obey the same set of traffic laws as they do. It only takes one careless motorist proceeding contrary to the laws that govern intersections to force a dangerous collision.

In a single year, Kootenai County can see almost 2,500 collisions overall and state law enforcement says that a full 20% of those accidents can be caused by drivers failing to yield the right-of-way to another motorist. The dangers can arise when safe drivers don’t expect careless drivers to make the move they did when they did. It’s that unexpected move that makes it hard for even great drivers to avoid a collision.

Vehicle Collision in Kootenai County Injures Two People

A crash in Kootenai County sent two victims to the hospital on Tuesday Afternoon. FOX28-TV reports the accident occurred at the intersection of Greensferry Road and Hayden Avenue north of Post Falls on February 23, 2021.

The collision involved a white pick-up truck and at least one other vehicle. The truck was sent into a fence by the impact. The Kootenai County Fire And Rescue says that one victim had to be extracted from a vehicle. In all two people were rushed by ambulance to the trauma center.

Investigators have not released what they believe caused the crash or any more information on the injured victims.

Assistance for Accident Victims in Kootenai County

Victims of serious accidents will have plenty of worries about their own health and wellbeing as they start what may be a long road to recovery. They shouldn’t also be forced to suffer anxiety about the cost of their medical treatment and the bills that go unpaid while they miss time at work with their injury.

During this difficult period, a victim can demand help from an at-fault driver’s insurance provider. This can be done in the form of a claim for damages directed at the insurance company. Help with hospital bills, lost wages, and other damages the victim has suffered can be reimbursed in a successful claim. The care expected to be needed in the future and the potential loss of income continuing in the weeks ahead can also factor into the amount of compensation victims can receive.

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