Heatstroke at Spokane Construction Sites

Spokane is no stranger to extremely hot weather. A summer heatwave can bring 90 degree days and even hit triple digits at times. If you’re inside with the A/C it’s not a problem, but imagine working in the sun on these sweltering days.

Seeing as many construction workers spend their days outside, dangerously hot weather can lead to some severe health threats. Dehydration and Heatstroke can cause serious injury and even do damage to vital organs like the heart and brain. Heatstroke can even cause the body to shut down, sometimes resulting in death.

Heat-Related Construction Dangers

The construction industry accounted for almost 37% of the occupational heat-related deaths nationwide. Research into over a decade of data found that U.S. construction workers had 13 times higher risk of a heat-related fatality compared to workers in other industries.

Construction Companies are required to keep their employees as safe as possible. Extreme temperatures are a known threat and something that can be planned for. Hot-running equipment and enclosed workspaces can contribute to the risk. Workers might see managers and supervisors ignore the forecast and expect the same amount of work each day.

This negligence can lead to a heat-related injury and the effects can be severe.  A construction worker can find themselves in the hospital and facing a long recovery. The victim may wonder if the injury could have been prevented.  A local Spokane Construction Accident Attorney with the CCD Law Firm can help victims determine the best way to get compensation for their hospital bills and financial losses.

Heat Stroke Common Symptoms

The Mayo Clinic lists Heatstroke as a condition caused by the body overheating due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures.  Heatstroke usually results after the body temperature has risen to 104 degrees or higher.

Physical exertion in heat can quicken the onset of symptoms. Dehydration can also be a factor in bringing on heatstroke.  Once the body gets low on moisture it can no longer sweat to cool off.  The body temperature will reach Heatstroke levels much faster.

Here are a few of the common symptoms for Heatstroke:

  • Altered mental state or behavior. Confusion, agitation, slurred speech, irritability, delirium, seizures, and coma can all result from heatstroke.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Flushed skin. Your skin may turn red as your body temperature increases.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Racing heart rate. Your pulse may significantly increase because heat stress places a tremendous burden on your heart to help cool your body.
  • Your head may throb.

If you feel you have heatstroke emergency medical treatment is required. Untreated heatstroke can quickly damage your brain, heart, kidneys, and muscles. The damage worsens the longer treatment is delayed, increasing your risk of serious complications or death.

Construction Site Heat-Related Injury Compensation

Washington law provides up to three years after an accident for a worker to file a claim for damages.  It is not recommended to wait long to file your claim because the more time that passes after an accident the harder it will be to collect evidence, locate witnesses, and retrieve the documents you’ll need to build a strong case.

If your employers are found at fault, state law allows for compensation for the injured person. A worker can be awarded financial compensation for many of the losses and hardships suffered during recovery:

  • Medical Bills
  • Rehab treatment/equipment
  • Travel
  • Lost time from work (Including the expected future lost time)
  • Permanent disability/disfigurement
  • Pain and mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium (Being without the support of a spouse, partner, family member, etc.)

It’s important to remember that Workers’ Compensation only goes so far.  It can sometimes cover medical bills and lost wages but doesn’t consider mental anguish that you and your family have been through. An experienced attorney can help navigate these questions with you.

Who can be Held Responsible in a Construction Accident?

An accident at a construction site can make for a complex case when determining who is liable for your accident and responsible for your hospital bills and recovery.  There can be many parties at-fault in a claim for damages.  Anyone involved in the construction project including sub-contractors, property owners, developers, and even the manufacturer of malfunctioning equipment can share in the blame.

With all of these things to consider, a construction accident attorney can be of great help to make sure you get the maximum compensation to cover your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Contact a Spokane Construction Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one are trying to recover from a heat-related injury on the job, you should focus on healing and getting back to a normal life.  Let a local construction accident attorney face off against insurance companies and their lawyers to get all the compensation you and your family will need to complete your recovery.

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