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Construction workers already face many dangers each day on a construction site and the risk to their safety only multiplies when they are on a roadway project. Employees can be forced to work alongside traffic rushing nearby while still dealing with the hazards of the hard work they do.

Careless and reckless drivers can ignore traffic laws or just not be paying attention when they put workers in extreme danger. A defenseless construction worker can be struck by a motorist and be left with serious injury and a long recovery.

Construction Worker Struck Near Airway Heights

A construction worker along Highway 2 was struck by a driver and sent to the hospital. The Spokesman-Review reported the accident happened on October 9, 2020, near South Lucas Drive outside of Airway Heights.

Witnesses say the driver of a red sedan drove around a line of vehicles, hitting several construction cones and tools, before striking the worker. The worker was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center where he was treated for a scalp laceration, a concussion, knee and back pain, and other injuries.

The hit-and-run suspect’s car was tracked by a witness to a nearby apartment building. Investigators have not yet identified or found the driver.

Support for Construction Accident Victims

Victims of a construction accident can be left to deal with intense physical and emotional pain and wonder how to get help for the expensive medical treatments to come. Victims will also wonder how much time they’ll miss from work and how they’ll pay their rent and other bills.

In a road construction accident, there may be several parties who can be held liable for the damages inflicted on the victim. The construction company and anyone else involved in the project may be forced to provide compensation if workers aren’t given a safe work environment that protects them from careless drivers. An investigation into the company’s history of safety violations or training practices can also paint the company in a bad light.

Keep in mind that relying only on a workers’ compensation claim may provide some money for your medical costs and lost wages, but this coverage ignores physical and emotional anguish and can run out and leave you without support down the road.

If the responsible driver is found and arrested, a claim for damages against the driver can also move forward. This civil lawsuit would target the driver’s insurance policy and try to get compensation for the victim for things like hospital bills and missed paychecks at work and any future hardships expected.

Contact a Spokane Construction Accident Attorney

If you were seriously hurt in an accident on a construction site it’s important to protect your rights as a victim. Construction project owners and managers should be forced to stand by their workers when they get injured. An attorney working on your case can make sure you aren’t getting a lowball offer from insurance agents for your physical and financial hardships.

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