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The snowfall in Spokane is a little different each year, but one thing is consistent: the first good snowfall of the year always results in a large amount of accidents, many being fender benders.

Locals know which hilly roads to avoid, but that doesn’t mean everyone is aware of them. Here’s a 2010 video of an 8 car pileup on Freya Street and 13th Ave. Car after car slowly slid down the slippery slope, piling up at the bottom.

Sometimes, though, accidents are more severe, and result with injuries. When this happens, many people are up against an insurer that doesn’t want to compensate them properly.

Is crashing on slippery roads negligence?

Crashes in winter may be caused by every day negligence, such as distracted driving. In other cases, cars are simply traveling too fast for the current road conditions. Drivers should always slow down to compensate for current conditions, even if it means going below the posted speed limit. Going too fast, not leaving enough room between your car and other cars, or approaching bridges too fast are all potential scenarios when a driver could be negligent. In some cases, police in the State of Washington will issue tickets to people for “too fast for conditions”; if you receive a ticket like this, you may have been driving too fast for current road conditions or current visibility due to fog, snowfall, ice, etc.

Do I need an attorney?

Since 1948, we have represented clients in Spokane and Spokane Valley. We have helped people recover millions in compensation for their injures. Most insurers are for-profit companies who will pay you as little as possible for your injuries. With us on your side, you can usually recover significantly more compensation for your injuries. A phone call begins the conversation and we will provide a free consultation and case evaluation. A Spokane car accident attorney is not needed in every case, but if serious injuries are involved, you should have a professional take a look at your situation.

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