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To a 16 year old kid, the day that he or she gets a driver’s license is a life milestone. We all remember that day. In the State of Washington, that license is only an intermediate license though. Full driving privileges aren’t granted, and it’s going to be at least a year until they are. It could be even longer if the intermediate driver is cited for a traffic violation.

What’s an Intermediate License?

When a teen is driving on an intermediate license, he or she is prohibited from having anybody less than 20 years old in the vehicle being driven unless that passenger is a direct family member. For six months after that, they’re allowed to have passengers who aren’t family members, but no more than three of those passengers are allowed to be less than 20 years old. Other stricter restrictions apply after 1:00 a.m.

A Good Driving Record Helps Teens Grow

If that teenage driver can go for a year without getting a traffic citation, there won’t be any further restrictions. If the teen is found to have been in violation of any traffic laws of the State of Washington, there will be consequences. Three tickets during the intermediate period means that the teen’s driver’s license is suspended until such time as he or she reaches the age of 18. An accident might result in the same consequences too.

The Expensive Insurance Trap

A conviction for even just a simple speeding ticket can have long lasting consequences against a teen’s license. We all know that insurance premiums for inexperienced drivers are high, but just one conviction for a simple traffic offense could mean even more expensive insurance premiums. That conviction could affect both educational and employment opportunities for somebody who is otherwise trying to take responsible steps toward adulthood.

We Can Help

That’s why it’s so important to retain a knowledgeable and experienced Spokane traffic attorney to represent a teenager in defending an alleged traffic offense. A conviction on that alleged offense can get in the way of a good kid’s progress in life. There are alternatives to a conviction that can keep the door of opportunity open.

Look back on your own life when you were young. You made mistakes due to inexperience. We’re all human, and we might still be kids at heart, but as we grow older, we make fewer and fewer mistakes. Our law firm’s objective is to keep mistakes off of a teen’s driving record. You can contact our offices for a free consultation and case review on any traffic ticket or driver’s license issue. Contact us by phone or email, and we’ll be pleased to speak with you and advise you of what we believe we can do for you. A simple one time mistake shouldn’t get in the way of anybody’s life.

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