Video of Officer Helping Woman Escape Burning Car with Laminated Glass in Spokane

January 24, 2017

Recently a video started getting mentioned in the news and shared on Facebook. In the video, a vehicle is on fire and an officer tries to break the driver’s side window to help the woman out. To his surprise, when he hits the window with his baton, the glass doesn’t shatter like it is supposed to. This is because the driver’s side window was made with laminated glass.

Laminated glass helps some automobiles maintain rigidity during an accident. Unfortunately, once the power is off or a door is bent, getting the window down or open may be difficult or impossible, trapping the occupants inside.

After beating on the window, the Spokane officer finally rescues the woman from the burning vehicle!

KREM has the story with the officer recounting what happened here.

As for the video, you can see it here:

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