Two People Injured In Northern Spokane DUI Car Crash

April 9, 2018

A recent car accident in Spokane injured one woman and one child. Thankfully, both victims are expected to make a recovery.

According to, this crash happened around 7PM on April 8, 2018 where North Morton Street crosses Wellesley Avenue. Police believe a 23-year-old driver struck a vehicle with a female driver and a six-year-old passenger. Rescue crews immediately transported the two victims to a local hospital where they are still being treated for minor injuries. The 23-year-old driver didn’t suffer major injuries in the crash.

What Caused This Crash?

As of today, investigators believe DUI had something to do with this crash. The Spokane Police Department is now questioning the 23-year-old driver and examining the scene of the accident for more clues.

In the meantime, members of the local police urge the public to never mix drinking and driving for everyone’s safety. They also encourage anyone who sees or knows of someone driving under the influence to call the police immediately.

If you want to get in touch with the Spokane Police Department or learn more about the state’s DUI policies, please check out their official website at

DUI Facts In Washington State

According to recent statistics, 33 Americans lose their lives and another 700 are injured due to DUI-related accidents every single day. That makes the USA the third worst nation on earth for drunk driving fatalities. In case you were wondering, the two worst nations on earth for DUI-related fatalities are South Africa and Canada.

All residents over 21 in the State of Washington should know they can be charged with DUI if they have a blood test of .08 or above. While it’s “legal” to drive with a blood test of less than .08, police remind drivers that buzzed driving can seriously impair their driving reflexes and significantly increase their odds of getting involved in an accident.

Although alcohol is the root cause of many DUIs, law offices in Washington State like CCD Law are now scrutinizing marijuana use on the roads. If you’re going to exercise your legal right to smoke marijuana recreationally in Washington, please remember that you can be prosecuted on a DUI charge if your blood has a THC content of 0.05 nanograms per milliliter.

Involved In A DUI Accident? Give CCD Law A Call

The first thing every DUI-related accident victim in the greater Spokane area should do is call an experienced car accident lawyer at CCD Law Firm. The attorneys at Spokane CCD Law Firm have years of experience getting DUI accident victims and family members every penny they’re legally deserved. Whether you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a DUI accident, CCD Law will help you get your life back on track with compassionate legal support.

Remember, insurance companies aren’t going to help you in the event of a DUI crash. Indeed, insurers often try to get DUI crash victims to settle for the absolute minimum to save their bottom lines. Only a seasoned car accident attorney familiar with Washington State’s rules of the road can help you understand your options in the event of a DUI accident.

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