Two-Car Crash In Shadle Park

August 31, 2018

On August 23, 2018, two people were injured in a car crash close to Shadle Park. Although police are still investigating this crash, they believe DUI was a major factor.

According to KHQ-Q6, this collision happened between Wellesley Avenue and Ash Street a little after 8PM. Allegedly, one car sped through a red light and hit another car.

Both the driver and passenger in the vehicle that was hit were brought to a nearby hospital for treatment. Thankfully, doctors say both of these crash victims are expected to survive.

As mentioned above, police are now treating this crash as a DUI case.

DUI Stats In Washington & Across The USA

Unfortunately, DUI is still a major contributor to traffic fatalities and injuries in the USA. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one American loses his/her life in a DUI crash every 50 minutes. In terms of cost, DUI-related crashes account for $44 billion.

As marijuana slowly becomes legalized across the US, more drivers are hitting the roads with higher amounts of cannabis in their bloodstream. The CDC also pointed out that 13 percent of nighttime motorists on the weekends in America are now driving under the influence of weed. Marijuana users were at least 25 percent more likely to get in a crash than people who were clean.

The organization Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) recently gave the State of Washington a DUI safety score of 3.5 stars out of 5. Analysts noted that over 160 people in Washington die in DUI-related crashes per year, which makes up 30 percent of the state’s traffic fatalities. MADD reviewers recommend lawmakers legalize sobriety checkpoints to bring this number down.

CCD Law: A Helping Hand For DUI Crash Victims

Sadly, we can’t plan to avoid DUI collisions before we hit the roads. Even if we take the best precautions, it’s impossible to know when an intoxicated driver will send us to the hospital.

Anyone injured in a DUI accident will need a qualified car accident lawyer by his/her side. The attorneys at Crary, Clark, Domanico & Chuang, PS have years of experience getting DUI crash victims the results they deserve.

Whether you’re seeking damages for traumatic injuries, pain & suffering, time lost at work, or wrongful death, our compassionate lawyers can help you fight the big insurance companies.

All calls to CCD Law are confidential and complimentary, so feel free to contact us for a consultation at (509) 926-4900.

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