Is Super Mario Run Causing Fatal Car Accidents?

December 15, 2016

As of 2016, distracted driving is resulting in more car accidents than ever. People used to be caught applying makeup or fiddling with their radio, but these days people are increasingly distracted by apps on the iOS or Android mobile device. Those mobile devices are Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones, and the apps people are distracted by include Facebook live, Snapchat, Instagram and the occasional tweet. Pokemon GO was the last app to be involved in accidents, and the next one is likely going to be Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run was released December 15, 2016, at least for some iOS devices.

Is Super Mario Run Causing Fatal Car Accidents?

In the app Pokemon GO, people had to travel to new locations to catch new Pokemon. The game developers intention was to get people to GO, or Go Outside, and it worked well, with kids, teens and adults all over the planet using their legs more than they had in years. However, within an hour of the app’s release, irresponsible drivers were on the roads, driving distracted.

As for Super Mario Run, there is likely nothing in this app that encourages someone to play while driving. The game does require an Internet connection, which almost all adults have in all major cities and along all major interstates, but other than the temptation of playing during the initial release and craze, nobody should be playing this while driving. If they did, they would likely find themselves causing a wreck which could have easily been prevented had they waited to get home to play with Mario, and the fault would probably be their own, not Mario’s.

Like many other things in life, enjoy Super Mario Run, just do so responsibly.

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