Spokane Dubbed One Of Washington’s Most Dangerous Cities For Pedestrians

April 14, 2018

A new report out of the Spokesman-Review revealed Spokane has some of the most dangerous streets in Washington State. Analyzing traffic data between 2015 and 2017, Spokane had the third highest number of pedestrians struck by vehicles in Washington and the second highest number of collisions resulting in serious injuries.

Sadly, economically underprivileged areas were more likely to have fatal car crashes than in other areas of the city. Many of the pedestrians killed or injured in Spokane didn’t own vehicles and/or were homeless. Specific roads that had high numbers of pedestrian-related collisions include Mission Avenue, Wellesley Avenue, and Division Street.

When looking through this data, safety officials pointed out three key features that make Spokane’s roads particularly deadly. First off, most streets allow vehicles to go well over 30 miles per hour. Second, there aren’t many crosswalks. Third, and perhaps most important, many streets in Spokane are well over three lanes wide.

What’s Being Done To Improve Pedestrian Safety?

In light of these new findings, Spokane city officials are considering ways to increase the safety of the streets without dramatically increasing traffic congestion. One of the most ambitious projects to improve pedestrian safety is construction work on North Monroe Street that will soon reduce four lanes into two.

Local representatives have also been developing the Pedestrian Master Plan with the help of Eastern Washington University to better understand the most at-risk areas of the city. They hope the information collected in this project will help city planners create more pedestrian-friendly areas in high-risk areas.

Another safety measure slowly being incorporated into Spokane’s streets is a HAWK light that pedestrians can push to send a prolonged yellow warning sign before telling drivers to stop. The HAWK light has been active on Ruby Street since 2015.

Spokane Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

While the city is working to improve traffic safety, it’s going to take a long time to make Spokane pedestrian-friendly. If you or a loved one has been injured while walking across one of Spokane’s roads, then you should give a professional Spokane Pedestrian Injury Lawyer at CCD Law a call. During your free and confidential consultation, we’ll explain your legal rights and advise your legal rights.

Don’t let insurance companies intimidate you in your hour of need. Our lawyers at CCD Law are experienced with Washington State’s pedestrian laws and will get you what you’re deserved in damages.

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