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KHQ recently reported that 2 Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at a rollover crash on Interstate 90 in West Spokane County to find an injured passenger in the back of a vehicle which had rolled over. The passenger had major injuries and was losing consciousness, likely from blood loss from a major artery in the arm.

Which we’re not certain what was injured, a common artery which can be damaged is the brachial artery. A brachial artery trauma can turn deadly very fast, however deputies applied tourniquets, saving the crash victim’s life. Due to the severity of the injuries sustained, the passenger was transported from the accident scene by helicopter.

According to the KHQ story, the driver of the vehicle had unfortunately fallen asleep which led up to the accident.

If you or a loved one is ever injured as a passenger in a rollover accident, we recommend you visit this resource: What if I’m injured as a passenger in a car accident in Spokane?

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