Speed a Factor in I-90 Car Accident in Spokane

January 24, 2018

On Friday, January 19, 2018, a terrible accident occurred on I-90 here in Spokane, Washington.

Traffic on the Interstate had come to a stop when a Dodge Grand Caravan crashed into the back of a Subaru Outback, then forcing the Subaru into a Mazda. According to The Spokesman, the driver of the minivan was cited for driving too fast. The river of the minivan and the Subaru were then transported to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

We hope that everyone involved in this crash is able to recover and thankfully there were no fatalities.

Rear end accidents in Washington State

In almost all cases, the driver who crashed into the back of another vehicle is at fault. This, however, does not make for an open and shut case. The negligent party’s insurer may still make injured victims prove fault and attempt to delay, deny or minimize compensation. Sometimes this is done by looking at someone’s medical history or even by blaming people for their own injuries or by telling people they contributed to their accident.

Do the injured need a lawyer?

Any time a car accident involves a serious injury, people involved in the collision should speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer. The free advice can be invaluable, and if needed and retained, injured victims often are able to recover significantly more for their injuries. Our Spokane car accident lawyers have extensive experience representing the injured in the State of Washington. If you find yourself involved in a rear accident similar to the one above, contact us right away for a free, confidential consultation.

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