How long after a car accident can I file a lawsuit in Spokane WA?

August 3, 2016

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Washington Statute of Limitations

In the law of personal injury, a statute of limitations is a time limit prescribed by law that sets a deadline for when you can go to court and seek compensation for the injuries that you suffered in an accident. The types of accidents might include but not be limited to motor vehicle collisions, falls, animal attacks or even medical malpractice.

Washington’s statute of limitation for car accidents

The Revised Code of Washington section 4.16.080 sets a general rule of a three year statute of limitations for any injury to person or property claimed to have resulted from an accident in the State of Washington.

If you’re dealing with your own auto insurance company, your policy will have its own language as to how long you have to bring a lawsuit against it. Since this is a matter of contract, the time period might be significantly less than the three years that you have to bring a personal injury action. Check your policy on this issue if you plan on bringing an action against your own insurer or better yet speak to an experienced car accident lawyer.

Injury cases involving minors

In the event that a minor is involved in an accident, the statute of limitations is extended. The minor has three years from his or her 18th birthday within which to file a personal injury action. Caution is advised though; waiting until immediately before one’s 21st to file a minor’s personal injury lawsuit greatly increases the chances of witnesses and evidence disappearing and memories becoming faded.

Issues connected with a statute of limitations can be very complex. If you or somebody close to you was injured by the carelessness of somebody else, arrange for a free case consultation and evaluation with a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer from our law firm. For purposes of preserving the evidence, make sure that you schedule that meeting sooner rather than later.

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