Several Injuries in Deer Park DUI Crash

September 5, 2017

On September 4, 2017, an accident involving an alleged DUI driver left several people injured. The driver was a 23 year old male who had a passenger and allegedly turned in front of an SUV causing a head on collision. The accident took place on Highway 395. Unfortunately, the SUV had 3 children in the vehicle as well. Thankfully there were no fatalities in this accident.

Was the driver arrested?

According to KHQ, vehicular assault charges are pending. Police often charge DUI drivers with vehicular assault when they injured someone while allegedly driving under the influence or when they were allegedly driving recklessly with “disregard to the safety of others”.

Please also note that a personal injury claim is different than criminal charges.

Do I need a lawyer if I’ve been injured in Deer Park?

An attorney is not needed in each and every case, however insurers may not offer fair compensation for many injury cases. If you have questions about an accident in Deer Park, give us a call for free and friendly advice. Our law office has a reputation for thorough trial preparation and aggressive but compassionate advocacy. We have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to pursue maximum compensation for an accident and injuries that were completely preventable and never should have happened.

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